I learned to ride my Ultimate wheel!

It took a year and a half and a lot of inspiration from Dave Stockton, but I did it. :slight_smile:

Congrats! Damn you look built.

Thanks (blush). Unicycling does that…

Whoa! Congrats, Blake! Great you did it! :slight_smile: And nice pic by the way.

I can’t even ride SIF yet, still working on it…


i always wanted a UW
Nice work

You have the same helmet as Johnny Peacock.
How far can you ride it for?
It looks like fun.
When are you going to take it out for some muni?

Cool! I’ve always wanted to try one

I rode it about 50 feet several times. Muni? not anytime soon.

One of the guys at the club is a graphic designer so he seems to have a good sense about pictures.

Thanks for your congratulations. My friends and family don’t seem to think it’s a big deal. Just another uni to them, so your comments mean a lot.


you jewish?

(bad crack at the pattern of the UW.)

just kidding.

nice job.

Congrats on getting and learning to ride one! I haven’t done either of those yet.

What is the tape around your calfs for? Shinsplints?

I wish all unicycle wheels had Jew stars in them.

Sweet! Nice pic, and congratulations on the achievement. Anything to stay ahead of your kid in the skills department, eh? :wink:

Ha, you bet. But he has a ways to go, for now…

The black tape is velcro to soccer shin gaurds. I use them to protect my shins when I do a lot of freestyle practice. When I UW, I turn them inside my legs to protect my calves from rubbing against the wheel. I still have a bunch of burns from the tire inside my knees, but that’s the price one pays, I suppose.

well done :slight_smile: bc next?

Thanks, but not yet. I need to wheel walk. Been working on that for a while with little success.

same here

Good job Blake.

The fam and friends who’re unimpressed (“just another uni”) are funny. They don’t realize it’s geometrically harder and only someone who already unis and has tried UWing can appreciate the difficulty.

They’re the same innocently ignorant folks who, when I went from four ball juggling to five, asked “…but…isn’t that just one more ball?”

I told Rose I don’t need any more unis, but I might have to ask for an UW for my birthday, if I can wait that long.:slight_smile:

They must have come to expect the impossible from you.
I’ve had several non-riders tell me UWs are completely unridable, regardless of talent and practice. Noone would ever be able to ride something like that.
I bet they would be impressed.

Thanks for the inspiration. My UW has been gathering dust for too long.

I found the hardest part of riding the UW was to try and stay consistent with it. I put it in my car and tried to make myself ride it after every muni run but oftentimes I’d just forget to or skip it owing to laziness. It’s very strenuous and somwhat boring to me so it’s more like hard exercise than fun. I think you need to keep learning new stuff on the UW to keep it fresh. Idling, riding curbs, that kind of thing. I got to where I could freemount without my hands holding the UW, just kick it up and go, and pretty much haven’t progressed past that. Perhaps you’ll inspire me to get back on it. That’s a beautiful UW you have there, like art.


Now that you have UW down, try seat push/drag. It’s the same concept, only with a fishtail or frontal extremity attached to your wheel. Plus it’s dang impressive. I find seat push easier (I can do it consistently, unlike seat drag), but a UNICON Silver Medalist I talked to yesterday at a skills clinic said seat drag was easier for her. Try 'em both, I guess! :slight_smile: