I learned to free mount in less than 90 minutes and so can you

wow,learning to freemount in less than 90 minutes is inspirationally good.Its taken me weeeks and weeks of practice to freemount my 24".The first time I did it after what I’m sure was several hundred attempts I was over the moon.But it took me several hundred more attempts to do it again.Now I freemount 10-50% of the time successfully.But its more of a bell curve for me.I start off really crappy,start to get successful and then land them pretty consistently.But after too long I get tired and then my success rate drops again.Also,every time I change something I feel like I’m at square one with my mounting again.Mounting on a rough surface was more challenging than on a smooth path,mounting on a slope was another challenge,mounting with a backpack is another challenge Im still learning and today I adusted my post height up and put new shoes on which made a difference again.But today I really think Ive paid attention to my successful mounts and for me the secret is to only put the tip of my toes on my lower pedal.Self mounting is incredibly rewarding so I hope if others are having heaps of trouble like I did then dont give up, you just gotta keep trying and figure out what works for you.:slight_smile:

Man, I was actually quite disappointed with this thread. I thought you meant in 90 minutes after starting to learn unicycling for the first time in your life… Turns out you’d been riding for one a half months before.

On static vs. Roll-back mount:
The first free-mount that I succesfully managed was jump mount. I was learning on a 24".

Second Edit:
I’m not trying to put you down, just expressing my disappointment with the thread name. Congratz on learning to freemount!

If it were that I would have called it “Learned To Freemount After First 90 Minutes on Unicycle”.

the FIRST 90 minutes

The first 90 minutes of learning to ride. Now, let’s see… It was October 13, 1978 some time in the early afternoon. Jimmy Carter was president. I think I spent the first 90 minutes just trying not to fall on my…*ss.

Freemount? ha!

Are you trying to put down those of us who have been practicing for months and still can’t freemount our 36ers?

I figured out how to static mount by watching a UTube video. What made the most sence for me was that it looked like the rider was holding the rear pedal down and pushing his body, crotch first, onto the saddle. When I tried it that way it came to me pretty quickly.

What TCUC was advising was to keep your rear pedal static and hop a little farther forward then vertical. I tried this for days and could rarely make it stick.

Once I started to push my self into the saddle I could feel the rear pedal, which made much easier to feel and control the momentum of my body weight.

After a day of that I could do a rolling mount. It is the same thing, only you have to pay more attention to the pedal timing. Walking gives you the momentum to rotate the saddle.

No, I was not. I’m simply trying to help those who are still learning to free mount a 24" wheel uni (or smaller) by giving them advice that I found useful and supporting my advice with the time it took me to learn to free mount. I’m sorry I failed to mention my unicycle has a 24" wheel, so this thread basically applies to unicycles w/ wheels equal to or smaller than 24", not commuter unicycles.

isn’t free-mount when you have the uni in front of you with pedals in 3 and 9 o’clock positions, then (assuming you’re right legged) but your left foot on three and push down. Bring the uni under you.

Yep that’s 1 form of freemounting a unicycle. :smiley:

OldDrone You are Correct

OldDrone put it nicely. That was one of the issues that I was stressing in my post. To put the weight on the Saddle.


hurray for aquaman!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

What is this mount called?

OK I am finally able to mount my 24 muni consistently without grabbing anything. But the method is something I just stumbled on, and I’m wondering what it’s called. Here is the process:

  • Hold front of seat with left hand
  • Pedals horizontal
  • Do a small hop from right foot
  • Gently land left foot on pedal, while "levering" myself up over seat by straightening left arm
  • Am now in a brief state of balance, caused by forces of arm and left pedal
  • Move right foot on pedal, lean forward and pedal away

Is this just basically a free mount hybrid using a hop, which I need to do because I’m a beginner? That counter-balance thing sure feels good. I’m also having fun doing this as a rolling mount, with about 25% success rate.

Any feedback greatly appreciated.

Free-mounting is when you don’t pay someone to help you get on. :slight_smile:

Seriously, a free mount is any type of mount out in the open, where you don’t hold onto something or use a curb or similar to hold the wheel in place. Beyond that it’s variations. What you described above is what I would call a “beginner mount,” where you generally end up in a precarious position with the pedals at 6 and 12 o’clock and no forward lean to help you get going.

It’s better to do one of two things:

  • Rollback mount: Same as above but after pushing down the rear pedal, pull back on the top pedal. This brings the wheel back to set you up with a forward lean, and at the same time moves the pedals into a position where you have plenty of leverage to ride away.

  • Static mount: Instead of pushing down on the rear pedal, hold it in place while giving your body a push up and over the wheel; waiting until you’re in front of it (off balance to the front) before starting to pedal forward. This gets you going quicker.

Thanks John! I’ll keep at it. At least I don’t need to hunt for trees anymore.

been riding for about 4 weeks now and working on the rollback mount. i’ve been successful a handful of times but i swear it’s harder than learning to ride. i will keep at it because at one time not too long ago i thought riding was going to be impossible for me.

thanks to all for the different opinions, approaches, and positive advice. it really helps us newbies.

I’ve been riding for about seven weeks and I agree, freemounting is much harder than riding.

But like you said, how awkward is it to get tired riding around the neighborhood, have to step off in the middle of a street with no trees or lampposts around, and have no way to get back on?

So what I’ve been doing is when that happens is to stop right there in the street and keep trying to freemount until I succeed. I can manage a rollback freemount after enough attempts - usually it takes about 20 or 30 tries.

Thanks for the tips. When it stops raining, I’ll try the static mount to see if it works any better.