I learned how to grind -- video


I decided the other day I was going to learn how to grind, so I made a grindplate and a rail and went for it. I made a short video of it too. It is kinda pixely so be warned.


Tell me what you think.

sweet, grinding is tons of fun, that looked like a fun rail :sunglasses:

But have you learned how to gind yet?

ginding pwnes

nice seamus, u built a better rail.

the music was absolutely awful, my mum came in to ask what was wrong with me when she heard it!

Note to self: never listen to Dandy Warholes

One of these days I’ll make a unicycling movie with the intro to Bach’s well tempered Klavier. That’ll kick ass!

Nice grinding, btw! I wish I could do that…

Nice going and nice setup! I gotta try that!:smiley: