i learned a new trick!

i learned how to grind today !

i can only do it a l little so are is there anything else i should know?

I would glady provide learning tips if you could give me some idea what stage you are at. Are you attempting to grind rails or ledges? Pedal or crank? You say you can grind alittle, do you mean that you can make it onto the object grind and then fall or that you only grind a short distance? Just saying that you can only grind alittle isn’t enough information. Also I am not sure what you do know. Anyhow, good job.

- Sal

stage hmmmmmmmm…

well i can jump onto metal park bench and grind a like________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________this far ( lol ) anyways , after i grind i can jump off because i’ve been practicing crank stalls for along time.so really the grind is all on the crank.

Re: i learned a new trick!

which pedal/crank do you use? your front or back foot?