I landed my first unispin...!!!

Im so stoked.it was awsome.

Brag thread.

oh. sorry. haha i forgot/ ill just leave it.

Damn you!
sorry. I still can’t do them:p

Its so crazy. I took like 40 tries to ge it finally. I havent even tried them before. feels so good to get them. now i just have to get consistent.


+1, how can u forget?..you are on here like EVERYDAY and post EVERYWHERE. that thread was posted for a reason, this thread was already on top when i got to it so im not, really, bumping it.

good job…but there are other places to post than make a new thread everytime you land a trick…but good job anyway

its okay. just keep trying. A thing io found that helped was dont try to land on the cranks like everybody says… just try to keep your feet in the same place.

I just landed my first one a week or two ago :slight_smile:

nice. are you consistent yet?

Good Job!

It took me A LOT more then 40 tries to get one…

I finally landed 2 in one evening, then didn’t land another for about a month, and all of a sudden I could do them consistantly.

Thanks dude. I landed about 4 this afternoon and plan on doing alot more theis weekend…

haha yeah the first time of any new trick feels so good. Im sure you got ragged enough about posting this in the brag thread so I let it rest. Congrats, I have to get the hops out of mine now and I have the 360 jump mounts going already.

Yea dude. thanks again…ill do the brag thread next time…

Bit negitive :roll_eyes:

uhmm, well, I haven’t unicycled much in the last two weeks for the reason that it’s cold so I’m juggling in my house. I have “kinda landed” 5 more of them, like i land on pedals but 2 seconds after i mess up.

cool. i just learned how t juggle too. only 3 balls but i can get around 100 catches without messing up.

lol y do you keep bumping this up? thats what the brag thread is for!

dude. its not just me. he did it too. im not the only one so just lay off a bit chill.

Just shut up and go to the brag thread. Wow.