i landed my first 360 unispin.

ok no i didnt. but im going to today. i hope.

I’ve landed six. In my life. I usually land them, then fall off. I also never really practice it anymore.

Good luck.

I was soooooo close yesterday.
And practised for some time today.
But didn´t quite manage to land one and ride away.

i landed my first 360unispin 3 times 2day

I want to learn these but i cant figure out how to position my hands on the seat (my unispins are spun counter clockwise). Also are 270 unispins easier (to hop on tire)?

i dont think so…

what i did is that i just followed the tips on this forum like practising the 360 unispin mount… keep the unicycle on the ground… dont jump really high

Chosen you are a lyer but i forgive you because you love me… well i guess

oh and i forgot: you should position your hand the same way as a 180 unispin

I was getting SOO close to landing a 360 unispin, before I broke my foot…I’m gonna try again soon. I’ve gotten both feet back on the pedals before, but fell off right away.

how dare you!
naw- i didnt actually land it today so go ahead and make fun of me. i landed it one footed a few times and im soooo close. but hey my koosh koosh is comin and so are some other tricks so its ok.

except that for a 360 unispin, you kind of let go for just a split second while it’s spinning. but your hand position starts in the same way as a 180 unispin.

Yea forgot to mention that

And what exactly is this hand position of which you speak?

well for me its for hand on the front handle and the other on the back handle

^ Yeah, same here too.

I can land 180unispins almost every time now (as long as I believe enough), but i’ve never tried a 360unispin. That’ll be for tomorrow when the hurricane is hitting…

I can wheelwalk for ~15ft (~5m) now, though!

Next up: 1ft stand up ww.

standup ww is just like hop on tire - it’s not hard at all, but the transitions are. :smiley:

I keep my arms crossed and one hand on each side of the saddle. I think it´s easier to spin it that way.

Im tstillr eally close to landing the 360. Actually got both my feet on the pedals bur fell… :frowning:

fexnix are we sorta low key competing to see who will land the first 360 unispin? if so i may have to step my game up

those fucking 360 unispin… I landed twice 2day but it was my fourth and fifth time and it was after pain and stupid injuries

i was practicing earlier today in my basement because it was raining and i almost landed a 360 unispin jump mount. I tried a 270 unispin from hop on tire to pedals but one foot missed and it hit my shin really hard. Does anyone have any advice for 180 hop on tire unispin to another hop on tire?

hands position

Personaly, i use 2 diferents positions for my hands. For the 180, i hold firmly the rear part of the saddle with my left hand and the front part with the right one. Holding the extremities give me more control over the spin.
Whereas for a 360 i cross my hands over the saddle, and closer to the seat post (increase speed rotation). Once i have thrown the spin uncrossing my hands, i only try to stop it spinning. I can’t stop it easily at only 180.

I landed my fisrt unispin 180 three weeks ago. And i did spend a lot of time to do it. Then i worked some unispin 360 jump mount to get used to the diferent way of holding the seat and spinning and a week ago landed my first 3 unispins 360. Now i might have a 50% of success.

I watched a vid i did of it : in my case it take actually 0.4s for the complete revolution of the uni.

Good luck