I landed a unispin!!!!!!!

woot i did at 11:45 today after 15 mins of practice just on unispins and finally i got it. i can do 3 in a row so far. I love the feeling when im doing it. I’m so happy lol:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :sunglasses: :slight_smile:

i know how you are felling :smiley:

last week i finally landed my first 360 unispin
after a lot of tries and hurts
there is a video of my 360 here;;

congrats to you! keep training

ya i must have fell about like 250 times trying to do a unispin but i still got after all those falls lol

and nice job on the 360 unispin i got a whiles until that

You better change your subtitle:D

hehe ya ill do that right now

was it a 180 0r 360? I still haven’t learned the 180, but I’m close!:smiley:

i just landed my first one around 2/50 today. I had worked on them for like five minutes yesterday and didn’t get them and then i read this thread and I went out side and landed it with in five turns

edit: If you fill like I do I know you fell great

now try to do the 180 unispin with only 1 hand… and the oposite side 180 unispin

thats so gooooood!
ummm… glad to see all the work paid off for you!

Nice work, I just learned them too. They are fun.

yeah they are pretty fun to do,but sometimes wen i land on the cranks a part of the unicycle hits my ankle so it starts to bleed into my sock i put a bandage on it and now its ine though hehe