I landed a uni spin today!

Hey today I landed a few unispins! heres a video of me doing 2.

It feels good to land one…even though there pretty sketchy still.


Try not moving your body at all, and having the uni spin 180 degrees. Looks like its only going about 90 degrees.

Great Job man, i am 10 years older than you and i just learned them. by the time your my age you will probably be landing triple uni spin douple back flips, or something

Yea, definitely. Congratulations though.

you mean a 540 unispins right.

congrats, how long did you have to practice for before you got them?

It took me 3 days.

I learned 360 unispins after 180 9 days after,…how does it take you 3 days to get unispins, You could of tried them before, but got the confidence to really start working on them at that time, so would it be considered 3 days…
Like uni spin to 180 flip, you can work on a crankflip forever and say it took you so many days, but when you get the 180 flip, you count on since you got the crank flip, 180 flip to hick/sex/whtever change/flip.

unless you tried it for the first time 3 days ago, thats fine.

I really just started them today…a little bit yesterday evening…