I Landed a Running Mount!

i had a very kewl evening at our weekly club meet last night

i got past 50 throws juggling three clubs while idling on the raffie and if i wasn’t so hell-bent on getting to 100, i probably would’ve managed to correct the hiccup that left me ungracefully dismounting on 72 throws

i managed a good couple of throws passing with a fellow raffie-idler (i think our best run was about 6 throws, we’re going to have to put in a couple of hours if we want to take that onto our renegade show at the convention)

i managed to hop the raffie hands-free, paving the way to skipping on the giraffe
i’m getting some rope this afternoon so i can make a special, long skipping rope for this purpose

i didn’t manage to crack a whip (someone had lying around) while on the raffie, but i did manage to whip myself across the shoulder.
a snaking, red welt a very vivid reminder that i shouldn’t try EVERYTHING on the raffie

and then, after only managing one giraffe freemount in about 10 tries, i got fed-up and decided to give the running mount a try
i’d decided a long time ago that i would never land it on the smooth gym floor
somehow that didn’t bother me too much last night and i managed to land my very first running mount ever
my scream of triumph stirred the late night stragglers from their contact juggling reverie, only to confirm what i feared, no one saw it
so i just had to do another one, didn’t i?
:slight_smile: about 8 tries later i landed the second one and promptly bought myself a beer

(this makes it even sweeter;) )

congratulations, gild. I remember the first time I landed a running mount on my giraffe. I was practicing outside the local YMCA and was getting heartily laughed at by some punk kids when all of a sudden, there it was.

keep practicing, I made myself practice to see how short of a run I could do and still get up- I finally settled on 1.5 steps as perfect for me and turns out to be 1 whole pedal revolution (which, I guess is about 1.6 meters because 20 inches times 3.14= about 60 inches= about 1.6 meters)

good luck,


Well Done Dave! I assume you’ll be showing off this new skill at the convention?


yip. look out for the giraffe freemounting workshop

In all honesty I’ll be looking out for a nice shady spot far away from any children to lie back and read a book. :smiley:


may i suggest… :wink:

(edited to insert correct link)

HMMM - at the moment I think “How To Ride Your Unicycle” would be most appropriate.

As an aside I managed to do a head balance for the first time ever in my lunchtime yoga class. It’s seemed so impossible for so long and today my legs just lifted off the floor. YES, I was near a wall (the wall is your friend, trust in the wall) but not touching it.

That was a nice confidence booster which will go a long way when I practice on the coker tonight.