I know what I'm doing wrong... i just don't know how to fix it!-Grinding

Hi all, I’m having a whole lot of trouble with grinding. My problem is that when i try to grind on my crank, i end up grinding on thatthing that holds the axle. Its like the bottom of the frame, and since that is so close to the wheel, my wheel rubs and i just fall forwards and off of the uni. Also , when i try to grind on the pedal , i jump too much towards the box i usually practice on and i just slide ontothe crank and stop. If any one has any ideas, i’ve been trying grinding on and off for a few months now.

I’ve also tried to turn away from the box slightly as i jump towards it, and that seems to help slightly by creating a little distance from the box.

Please help me. It’s driving me mad!!!

The thing you are talking about is called a bearing cover. I grind on it all the time but not on purpose and it still works to grind. I’m thinking your problem may be your not leaning back far enough because that always causes me to stop sliding and instantly fall forward.

Yeah, I grind on the bearing holders all the time. At first I thought the tyre was slowing me down but I was just leaning forward to much and not hitting it with enough speed. Just ride fast and go for it. Try leaning back a bit more and you’ll work out how much you have to lean to slide.

If you absolutely cannot slide it might be what you’re tryna grind and/or your pedals.

okay thanks.I’m stil open to suggestions but i’ll try to do what you guys have told me to.

What frame are you using?
I would think that frames that don’t have heavy duty machined bearing holders (like the KH) would be damaged when you grind on them. I’m talking about non-machined bearing holders. Either way, I don’t think it’s a good idea to grind on your bearing holder if at all possible, because it puts more stress on the bearings.
Please correct me if I am wrong.
I try to grind right on the crank or pedal when I can but sometimes, I do overshoot the ledge a bit and get the bearing holder.

Learn to grind on your pedal. It is important when you progress to rails and such. Grinding on your crank is fine, but on your bearing holders should be avoided.

I’m using a torker dx frame

I have one question, how exactly DO you grind on the pedal?
Do you just kinda balnce on the rail and gring or do you hve your crank pointing down and lean a little so u grind on a little trianglemade by crank and pedal?

Oh my god!

THanks sooo much!!! I went to the skatepark a while ago aND practiced grinds on the small box! It worked pretty well, i was grinding 50% of the time. It was like 88 degrees though, so i got hot and only managed to stay for about one hour. But, just at the end, right before i left, i took one more try. I went up to the ramp with some nice speed and grinded… for abut 4 ft!!! The box is about 5-6 ft long and i went from the near beginning to the near end!!! Then i got off cleanly.
On my way home, i saw one of those raised curbs i was talking about earlier. Really, its just sidewalk then a little drop- 6 in (?)- an the curb goes up 6 i from the drop. I,for th first time, tried to gap it. It worked! The onl problem was that i landed leaning way in, so i promptly fell, but damn! i gapped it on my first try!!!
Then later, i saw a little ledge at a house. on one side was a driveway going down and the other was like a 6 in drop. I rode the ledge smoothly and jumped off then rode home without falling! I only fell once on my trip, due to my gap jump!!! Thank you all so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much !!! http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/images/smilies/biggrin.gif:D

P.S. I even grinded on my pedl once, but i didn’t land it because i was surprised that i was doing it so i bailed. I stil got a 1-foot grind tho. =-l)