I know, it's only gonna roll...

I know, it’s only gonna roll, but I’ll like it…

Thank you to all the people, friend and strangers alike, on this forum who advised me to spend twice as much money and get a Coker. I’ve ordered one this very night.


When ya get it Mike ya just gotta gis a go, ya just gotta :slight_smile:

And now you’ve spent all that I’ve posted a nice money saving tip for a headlight.

Cheers, Gary

i didnt say what my choice would be,because i’m way out numbered on that issue and it would’nt have mattered anyway,

what i will say is my 29er was 40 bucks more than a Coker,(no where near half the price of a Coker)

Way to go. You wont regret it.
-David Kaplan