I just sprained my ankle doin stairs!!

I was just getting the hang (well not really but getting better anyways) of these set of hiking stairs in my area when I went over and landed about five or six stairs down on the corner of one and twisted my ankle. The thing that gets me is that I was wearing ankle braces (plastic ones with hinges, good ones at that). So, I am confident that if i were not wearing them that I surely would have broken it. I hope to be back in the saddle again this weekend. For now I am just nursing it to get it better.

Thanks for reading, Wayne.

Seems like the bane of unicycling. Must be one of the most common unicycle related injuries. Before unicycling I never had problems with my ankles, despite mountainbiking, Taekwondo, XC running & orienteering (the latter 3 are serious ankle abusers!). But after doing Uni for 18 months I’ve had two sprained ankles (L&R) and a broken one (L).

I did something to my ankle a few weeks ago. I was practicing idling and I did a very wonky UPD. I don’t think I sprained it, but I rolled it pretty good. It didn’t really hurt and i guess that’s why I didn’t consider it sprained, but I could move it in ways it couldn’t move before and it felt very wierd. It hurts sometimes now.

Does that constitute a sprain?

You probably should get it checked out if it’s moving around alot. It might not necessarily hurt much if it’s broken but if it is it won’t articulate well and that is really bad for the joint.

Last night I was trying a new trick (unnamed??, trying to get a 180 degreeish quick turn on the ground in one spot, then leave the ground and finish another 360 in the air, landing backwards). The second try, i fell straight over the muni and rolled, and it all felt just fine, then I realized I had hit my ankle bone (the part that sticks out a little bit, above the heel). Not a sprain or a break (i hope), but since were on the topic of ankle/unicycle injuries…

Well, my injury is just a twist. I have sprained both my ankles doing other sports many a time. To this day I still cannot believe that I have not broken any of them considering the pain which accompanies each sprain. The thing that really concerns me is that I thought I was invincible with these ankle braces. I now am worried that when I get back to riding those very stairs that I fell on, I will not be able to do them mentally. I still maintain that ankle braces are a good idea though.