I just ordered my torker dx

my dad ordered me a torker dx off of e-bay from price-thumper. I was on the computer and i went to ebay to look at it and it said your palpal pament has been sent. I called my dad and i asked him about it and he goes i didn’t order anything. i said then why does it say that your paypal payment has been sent. he goes that was supose to be a suprise how did you find out. i go it says it. Now I have a torker dx on the way and i have to give my dad money. It was a suprise to see that but I think it would have been more of a suprise to see the ups people bring me a box on it that says torker on the side. I am so happy and i had to share the news.

how quick do the frame usally break where i can get ready to order me another one. also how much do they weigh

also does anyone have any videos of the torker dx in action

It depends on your riding. I’ve had the 24" for quite awhile, and done lots of hard muni on it, and not even a sign of breakage yet. I’m sure it would last you at least several months if not more. I’ve heard that Torker is replacing broken frames…

thats cool. I still think by 3 or 4 month’s I would have the money for a kris holm trials frame it just depends on what else i buy.

i might just get a bedford fame though

um, why?

I’m not getting the frame until the dx frame breaks. The reason i would get the bedford frame instead of the kris holm frame is because I could use that money for something else. i don’t know and it don’t really matter so we will find out what i buy when it’s time to but it

I’m saying, why would you get a new frame befre you break the DX frame. Don’t plan on it snapping, I know alot of people who still have DX’s in perfect condition, but keep money on the side in case you do break it.

I’m not buying one befor it breaks. i am just going to keep money on the side3where i would always be sure to have money to get one

ok, do that.

thats what i’m going to do

torker replaces it for free anyway, it happened to my cousin and they sent him a new frame

unicycle.tv has a vid with a torker dx, under the movie section

Yeah I thought my frame had no sign of breakage either…until one night I was happily hopping away and ripped the entire top of the frame off. Torker MIGHT replace it. I emailed them about it, and they responded with: You can send the frame to:

Seattle Bike Supply “warranty”
7620 south 192nd. St.
Kent Wa 98032
Once we receive it we will check the frame out, after inspection and found to be manufactures defect we will send a replacement frame of what is in stock. Keep in mind that also in the owners manual, it says it is necessary to have your torker assembled and adjusted by an authorized dealer, buying it online does not always offer a full warranty.

This email really pissed me off. Supposed to be assembled by an authorized dealer, and buying online doesn’t offer a full warranty? I’m happy with my dx so far, except the frame, but I will never purchace another torker again.

Basically, you can waste your time ship it back to them for 20$, have a new one(that will probably break again) shipped back for another fee, or just buy a nimbus frame frame off udc for 50$.

Though for some people it will just never break. But, you’ll never know until it happens and you’ll be pissed off when it does and torker sends you an email like that when they damn right know that those frames are crap and should be replaced with no hassals.

torkers rock i don’t see why you wouldn’t have another one

because when it finally gives i’m going straight to a kh

Awesome! I got my DX from Price_Thumper. He shipped out next day, but UPS is slooooh to Canada, eh? So yeah, good choice. The frame is MUCH more likely to break if you get it wet and don’t dry it off. So no leaving it out in the rain, and if it falls into a stream, dry it off before putting it away. Same thing goes for any uni. But more or less you have a nice strong wheel and a frame that will last a little while at least.

20" or 24"?

Anyway, have fun!

i got the 20" and also i sent you a pm