I just met another MUnier!

I had just left a friend’s house tonight in Canon City at 11:00pm at night and headed home when a unicyclist crosses my path. (always good luck). Could that be a fat tire? YES! I stopped him and we talked a bit. He’s in town for a few weeks (lives in Washington). We exchanged info and we’re gonna for riding in a couple days.

Totally crazy meeting aonther unicyclist in this town.

He had his camelbak, head lamp and was headed for the Sky Line Drive/ Hogbacks area just down the road. (Lots of good trails and hills–even a dirt half pipe).

Small world.

I had to tell ya all. Okay, now I can go to sleep.

Re: I just met another MUnier!

If it turns out he’s from the Seattle area of Washington, you might suggest he jump on the forum here and ask after other riders. We have a group that does muni, trials, coker rides on a pretty regular basis. We’d love to have someone else join up, especially since you mention he’s got a headlamp. One of our favorite Coker rides has a section through a 2.5 mile long railroad tunnel, and it’s DARK. Harper is too cheap to buy a decent headlamp, and always shows up with some sort of a candle-driven hack job. We’re always looking for folks that take their illumination seriously.

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Then you-all might want to look here.

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All right, enough of that… :wink: