I just hopped up 7 steps.

Yep, I rock.
Well, for a newbie.
Never did that before.

I like my 70s Schwinn.

where is the proof

One at a time, or all at once?

i think he might mean one at a time
because if the stairs are half a foot high times 7 thats like 3.5 feet!

7x7=49’’ vertical
9x7=63’’ gap

That’s assuming normal steps.

damn man

you are super human

i just managed to get 6 the other day

7 is nuts

damn man, 6 is nuts!

and, are you smoking pot in that avatar thingee obie?

i think he also meant one at a time not all at once since he said he was a newbie :smiley:

Nah man, its a legal alternative.