i just had a great idea

later on today i was ridin my uni with my friends and we madea down hill two man slolem course for us to race each other down on our unis!!!

we both have 24 inch unis so it was easier to get over the bumps and humps , and i really think that this could start a whole new sport … paten pending

Not to steal your paten, but we did a dual slalom competition at the second MUni Weekend, in 1997:

The hard thing about dual slalom is making the courses equal. I’m not sure how they work it in mountain biking, but I think each rider gets a change to average out between the two courses. What we did at MUni Weekend was simpler, just timing people down and then possibly running some final heats. But I think we just did times. It was fun!

But nobody has pursued dual slalom after that, so it’s all yours. I think it should be more interesting to watch than one person at a time, and safer than 20 guys all trying to ride one course at the same time…:slight_smile:

How about Uni Cross? Like Border X ony on uni’s You can have 6 riders go down a course filled with obsticals first one down wins.

Darn, I thought this thread was going to be about embalming. :frowning:


With Cokers!