I just got the most expensive unicycle hat! (Schlumpf/KH related)

I just got this sweet hat in the mail the other day!!!

…it also came with some hub thing. :roll_eyes:

Nice hat, but that hub thing doesn’t look a very comfortable thing to wear on your head. For $5 I’ll take the hub off your hands.


oooooo, look at how shiny it is.

(the hat, not the weird hub thing)

Did it not come with cranks?
My non splined Schlumpf did

I’ve heard about them putting those things in with the hats. you’re supposed to keep them for a day then send them to Invercargill, New Zealand.

Wow - what size wheel are you going to ride around on in order to display your new hat?

I hope I get one of those hats in my mailbox soon!

Nope :frowning: , but I did get a nice hat!

Also, it appears the shift buttons go in with a 2.5mm hex. I believe the old shift buttons used a much smaller one.

I’ll be sporting the hat on a 29 inch wheel. I may eventually put the hub in a 36 sometime next year, but the 29 size will be great for traveling and …well…everything. I think either way the hat will look pretty rad.

Yeah, the old ones were 1.5mm iirc.

The hat looks great. Suitable for commuting, muni and long distance touring. I doubt you could get a much more versatile hat :slight_smile:


Video in a week.

Hut hut.

I have to admit, I’m really envious. It’s raining here today, and I haven’t got anything to cover my head.

Gief video.

I’ll give you £5 for the hub, its worth more than $5 :wink:

THat’s the kewlest hat i’ve ever seen . what’s that black shiny thing next to it, it looks cheap( :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: )

From the time I got my hat… I never went faster.

Today I had to take my hat off. I was sweating while passing bikers and joggers.:smiley:

Photo 133.jpg

Nice hat James.

It’s a funny thing…I randomly bumped into someone with that hat the other day. Apparently he’d met Florian at some bike convention somewhere.

I guess we’re in a small exclusive club of people with schlumpf caps.

My 1 year old has that hat. Its too big for him.
My 1 year old wants a unicycle, a schulmpf would be too big for him.

i’ll give ya $1000 for the hat if you ever get tired of it

this thread is going to make me cry. I lost my favorite hat of 7 years at a Flogging Molly concert last night.

A Flogging Molly concert is a dam fine place to loose a hat though. They were probably the best/most fun band I have ever seen live.

I MIGHT get one of those fancy hats this spring, we will see how the money holds out for the rest of the school year.

Eric. Don’t forget you still have to eat.

Signed. Your Mother.