I just got my NTWR and Inner bal videos

Holey crap batman, these two video’s are really cool !!!
(No Training Wheel Required, Inner Balance)

It reminded me of a video I saw back in the 70’s called “On Any Sunday”
I was totally amazed at what can be done on bikes back then and now, I’m fabbergasted.

These video’s show me that anything is possible, imagination and try, try again attitude triumphs.

Well done to every one involved !!!

I just got mine as well, (second copies, btw). Can’t say enough about how inspiring they are, particularly to advancing newbies such as myself. Personally the coker segments are my faves since that’s the area I am most interested in, but the entire films are captivating to watch.

Thanks again, Mr. MacKenzie, for creating these!

hey, thanks guys! glad you dug them :slight_smile:

Ditto! I received both DVDs a few days ago and they are great!

I think the title should be changed to “Reason why you shouldn’t do trials on a giraffe”

talk about pain…that one scene made me cringe.

I see you are suffering from a bit of dislexia:o (TWNR)

That’s a pretty good vid:) I see that as what’s possible by mortals who practice a lot.

A movie like Defect (and prob Inner Balance) is better and what’s possible to do on a uni by non-mortals:p

Brian - How’s the supply of IB? Is it in danger of running out soon?

as nice as the thread was to be posted by Todd, you would not believe the shudders that go up my spine everytime i read the title!

i don’t see myself selling out of 500 anytime soon…or ever! :frowning: