I just got my first unicycle =)

Hello everyone

I ordered a Torker LX 24" which came today. It was promptly assembled and I cut the seat post just a little bit. I’ve barely tried to ride it for 20 minutes but I’m quite excited. All I know so far is my jeans and boxers and/or inexperience make it quite tough on the balls.

In any case, hopefully I can get a good amount of practice in before the winter strikes!

Welcome to the boards! Looser pants are better for riding so your junk can sit up on the seat with you, and not underneath your body lol. After a while you won’t put much pressure on them out of experience/practice. People always ask me if I’m crushing them but I don’t think I ever have.

Anyway, how old are you and where do you live? What inspired you to start unicycling? Have you tried it before, or did you just buy the unicycle without any prior attempts? Once you get the basics, what do you think you’ll be more interested in? muni, trials, street, touring, etc?

Be sure to check out some of Dan Heaton’s videos like Defect. Very inspiring. And once again, welcome and good luck!

Well, I’m 23 years old and live in the GTA - basically Toronto.

I’ve wanted to learn how to unicycle for a good while but was never so serious about it as to go out and buy a unicycle, especially as I haven’t had much money to spend on such things for a good while.

This summer I worked out east (Jasper, Alberta) as a cook (and other stuff at a different job). Somehow I got into a conversation with some of the servers about me wanting to learn how to unicycle and buy one at the end of the summer (as I was making enough money to do so). One of the servers came out with a closed bucket with a slot in it and he labeled it ‘dave’s unicycle fund’ and popped a few bucks in there. In the 2 and a half months from when it started to when I had to come back here for school, servers and colleagues had put about $150 in there. With that, I bought a unicycle (and will soon buy a good helmet and other safety gear).

Right now I just want to learn how to stay up and ride around, eventually I’d love to try street and get a good 20" for that.