I just got a tirefly.

I was cycling at night, dodging cars, and was somewhat concerned about getting hit, so I stopped by my local walmart to pick up some reflector things or something to wear. I found some reflectors with a littled LED in the middle (Dead batteries included) and as I started to put them on me as I left and started to get on my uni, the greeting man told me about these tirefly things…they screw onto your tire valve, and when you start going, they flash in ultraviolet blue (or red or green). They’re meant for cars, so your wheels can match the color of the light from the cold cathodes inside your dashboard, around your license plate, and under your car. But they seem to work quite well for unis, too. At first they only went on from jumping and starting, (and of course it shins birghtly every time you fall, getting everyone’s attention), but after a day or two of riding with it on, it seems more sensitive, and now it seems to stay lit most of the time while riding on smooth ground and grass.

(Am I really late in discovering these? Is this something the unicycing community has been doing for months, or is it still really cool?)

Anyway, as soon as I get some more of these and a spoiler on the back of my uni, chick will really dig me, right?

Do you have a demuffler on the back as well? Those look and sound great on still-just-honda-civics.

I bet you haven’t heard of here

Not sure how I missed that with all the time I’ve spent over at unicycle.com recently, but I’ll definately be getting some of those soon.

For safety reasons only, of course. :wink:

I have had a tire fly for quite a while, they are pretty cool.


My old boss tried to get me to buy some… I sarcasticly told him I’d get one for the uni…
Do people actually like them for the uni? Start a poll! They look lame on cars (not to mention are illegal in several states)… I just think they’d make the uni look more… well… circusy… <ducks thrown bottles, knives, and livestock>

I have tireflyies. I like them except that I have a hard time keeping them lit.

I broke mine.

Hey, Tireflies are cool for use in parades and events at night!

I consider it a compliment if someone says "Hey you should be in a circus! To me that means they think I am good enough to be a professional unicyclist and it is rarely said with malice!! Most of the time the circus comment comes from little kids and not from those jerk adults that yell “Fall”! Take your compliments where you can get them!!!

So use those tireflies! Even when freeriding at night, I have only received compliments when using them and they do look kind of cool! The things only blinnk while you’re riding anyway!

Tireflies are more visible then normal “non batteried” reflectors!