I just got a "premium" Sponsorship from 661!

Wow, I’m pretty shocked and surprised, but happy!:smiley:

I was inspired to try to get sponsorship after reading about UniDudeDX! At first I went to their website to fill out the application for sponsorship. I filled it out, including my age! Well, I hit “ok” and immediately a window opened up and informed me that “no sponsorships are available for me at this time.”

I wondered why since the website stated that '08 sponsorship was “open”. I was convinced it had to be because of my “old fart-ism” lol! So I bypassed the online attempt and I sent them a direct email detailing my “uni-resume.” I gave them links to all my videos, the TV segment thing, a few of the websites that did profiles.

I was pretty certain that I would be politley turned down due to my “advanced” age lol! But less than an hour after hitting “send” I got this response:

<<Hello Terry we can give a Premium sponsorship for 08 - Review the contract and let me know -
[COLOR=#808000] [LEFT]Sincerely [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Debbie Martin[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Sponsored Rider Support [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Web Support [/LEFT]
[LEFT]661/Sunline/Royal/Filtron/TAG [/LEFT]

Terry you may be advanced in age but your skills are also advanced. Is the premium level the 100%?

Sweet, see - this is something to be excited about. Awesome job Terry, theres no reason why they wouldn’t sponsor you with all the great exposure you get.

Not sure but I think it’s the same as UnidudeDX. I’ll have to check. I’m just happy that I got any kind of sponsorship lol!

Now if/when somebody asks me if I’m sponsored (I’ve had mostly skaters and bmx-ers ask me before and I always say “I wish!”) I can say yeah…they probably felt sorry for me cuz I’m so old, so they decided to throw me a bone lol!:stuck_out_tongue:

as soon as I get my nimbus trials ISIS 20", im gonna practice heeps before i turn 14 and i gonna make a few vids and hope for a sponsorshiip =]

Cool! I’m sure you’ll get it. :slight_smile:

Congrats Terry.

I’m sure that you will represent them well.

I told them that they can see me wearing the 4x4 and 2x4 guards in almost all my videos! They may have helped lol! I may be one of the few who regularly wear the elbow/forearm guards (2x4). I do need a complete set though.:smiley:

I also have a pair of 661 Dually shoes. Unfortunately, I bought them online and they didn’t quite fit, but I wore them trying to break them in so I couldn’t return them. :frowning:

Now that you’ve hit the big time with sponsorship, interviews etc. are you still going to ride with us “little people”?

ROTFL Jim! Nobody is “littler” than me! (I don’t mean physically…you know haha!) :o I think that whatever publicity I have and stuff is mostly due to luck and persistance; in other words, I have lots of time on my hands lol! :slight_smile:

I was sponsored by 661 a long time ago but it was kind of silly. I never once actually talked to anyone there, and their pads aren’t that great in my opinion (even at discount price).

I would like to try out some of their EVO knee pads though, they look nifty.

YA!!! thats the same thing i got. nice job!!! we are officailly sponsoship buddies.

Great Job Terry! Congrats! that’s so cool.

You are going to become world famous someday

wow…all the email said to me was
“Welcome to the 08 sponsored season.”
then it had my sheet where it said current sponsors, and she filled in currently sponsored by 661.
haha i already mailed in the contract.

nope. its one of the lower level sponsorships…

That’s right…no more of that irresponsible riding in Wal-Mart nonsense. You have the brand to think of now… :wink:

Not too shabby Terry, welcome to icon candy land

Do I call you mr 661, Mr Unigezer, or Sir ?



what size are the shoes? do you still have them? I’ll see about buying them from you if you do still have them.

well heck, everyone’s getting sponsored these days; It’s the cool thing to do!:smiley: