I just got a new unicycle T-Shirt! (warning: Funny/offensive)

will u sell one?
(only if it says spokanes unicycle gang(preferabbly club instead of gang if u can…)
private message me !!!

funny that seager would find this offensive and yet think that making fun of some guy for getting hit by a hurricane is witty.

I wouldn’t have the balls to wear that in public :o

Yup, you’ve sure got me pegged. :roll_eyes:

That’s the thing, I’m not easilly offended. I was making 9-11 jokes the day of 9-11. I’m probably one of the worst people you’ll ever meet for thinking the world is too easilly offended and not caring. The shirt did not offend me. I was merely pointing out the hypocrisy of hating bikers and calling them stuck up when this shirt clearly shows unicyclers as being stuck up and elitist. You are the guys with your panties in a bunch and who are unwilling to admit that you can’t live in a glass house and still throw stones.

I am actually a very nice person. I just have a rather warped sense of humor. The shirt is nothing more than a joke. Some of my best friends are avid bicyclists, and they thought it was very funny, so I decided to go ahead and get one printed.
I’m not trying to offend anyone, nor am I ever offended by comments like “Where’s the other whee?” and “What kind of bike is that?” and “Get a real bike, faggot! (I actually get that one a lot.)”
I just thought the shirt was so over-the-top rediculous that no one would take it seriously. I actually came up with the idea last year, and looked into getting it printed then. But a few times when I’m out on the town, mothers or fathers (or even school bus drivers) will stop their kids and tell them to look at me, and how cool it is. It then occured to me that I might not be the best role model wearing this shirt. Now, my ponytail is easily long enough to cover up all the writing on the back, so I can ride to college, and then put my hair up, thus only offending college age kids who deserve it.

For those of you who were interested in having your own, I’ll look into it, and find out some price options.


good on ya!

Glad to hear you have some scruples about this.

making fun of hurricane/9-11/tornado/etc victims is not funny, it’s not offensive, it’s not clever, it’s must mind numbingly lame. it takes no thought, you simply laugh whenever there’s a disaster. i enjoy making fun of people as much as the next guy, but at least put some thought into it. bleh… forget it.

let us know how people react skippi.

please pm or something if you decide to seel, and if you will, could you do a different town on the front? either way, i would buy one if you end up selling =p

Well, the hurricane joke, when taken in context, was just offensive vs offensive. The 9-11 jokes, well… you never heard the jokes. Maybe they WERE clever, you’ll never know. I’m certainly not going to post them here. They were between me and my like minded friends. MAYBE some people grieve through laughter. I have some great jokes about my Mom that died 2 years ago (on mother’s day, no less) that’d have you in stitches, if you were me. Having your own Mom die on mother’s day is freakin’ comic gold. You grieve in your way, I’ll grieve in my way.

Luckilly I don’t really care if you think me laughing about things and making jokes at the expense of natural and unnatural disasters is “numbingly lame.” I just mentioned that stuff to prove a point - that my objection to the shirt was NOT based on it being offensive (obviously I don’t care) but on the basis of the hypocricy. (although skippi has succesfuly defended himself and has convinced me that he is not a hypocrite.)

I think I’m going to do a small run of these shirts soon. I won’t be changing the name of the gang, though, to keep costs down.

I wore it to my university classes. Some of the classmates said they thought it was a little extreme, but all my professors LOVED it, and one said she wanted to buy one.

that gives me a great idea for a shirt…

F##K unicyclists!!!

f*** me, yeah

…and the horse you rode in on - Now that makes sense.

…and the bike you rode in on - That just sounds painful.

I saw this thread and for some reason the pictures on the first post won’t show up.

This is driving me crazy, what was on the shirt that bikers would find so offensive?

Yeah, i wanna know too.
Someone out there please enlighten us.

After reading the first page I’m about 95% sure it had a pic of a uni on the front and said “F**K B*KERS” on the back.

i cant see the pics :frowning:

I would have something like

What’s so much fun and can be ridden all day, everyday??

A unicycle, if you guessed bike. Get a better hobby. :smiley:

And people would laugh at you, that is assuming that they took the time to read it all.

Captainkrunk is right about what it said.