I just got a new unicycle T-Shirt! (warning: Funny/offensive)

I had this made and just received it today. I got a bit tired of people calling my uni a bike, and came up with this idea.
The quality is great–you can even see the sticker on the unicycle. I’m very happy.

and, back:



Haven’t seen that one before?

Nice shirt though. I like it but, I sure hope some hardcore b*ker doesn’t take offense and knock your teeth out over it;)

Skippi you rogue!

How pissed would you be if a biker wore a shirt that said the same thing about a unicycle? I’m sure there’d be yet another thread about how bikers hate unicyclers.

It’s funny in a “lets divide ourselves into sub groups so we can fight” kind of way.

Nice! I don’t know if I’d wear one in Richmond though, with so many bike snobs looming about. But I’m happy that it exists.

BTW, are you coming to WCVMRI '06?

If i had that shirt, i would wear it everyday until the white gos black from dirt and the black lttering turn white cause they flaked off! =p

If a biker gets mad at you, remeberr, swinging a uni at someone is easier than swiinging a bike lol, but i really dont think ppl will get mad at it, i can see it now you riding by some ppl *ppl shout out “whres your other wheel?!” you turn your bike to them and keep riding they are stunned :astonished:

Oh, … uh, … well, … I like the front.

Me too.

Can I be made an [dis]honorary member of Harrisonburg’s Unicycle gang? I want one of those! :smiley:

The snobs are the people wearing the “F*** bikers” shirts, not the bikers. Since I’ve never seen a “F*** unicyclers” shirt, I’d have to conclude the unicyclers are bigger snobs than bikers. (judging by the support in this thread)

Y’all make me want to go ride my bike.

It helps to have a sense of humor about it. :slight_smile: I ride a mountain bike also, and if I saw a unicycler wearing that shirt, I would have a good belly-laugh and give him a high five! In this world, some people will take offence to just about ANYTHING.

That sentiment would be all well and good IF the shirt weren’t a response by the maker to people calling his uni a bike. The shirt itself is a symptom of people being too easilly offended.

i think its hilarious i nearly fell of my chair. i dont think its meant to be offensive…i work with avid bikers and i shoed them the pics and they laughed and said i should wear one to work.

I would have put on the back: Its not a f***ing bicycle.
And, the front is nice :stuck_out_tongue:

I fixed your post for you…

Thats amazing… how much you want for one?

I don’t like it…its not nice.

hey can u make me one that spokanes unicycle gang instead of harrisons unicycle gang i will totally buy itplus pay shipping…

private message me

Fixed it. :slight_smile: