I just got a giraffe!!

Hey everybody, I just got a 5 foot giraffe and I need some tips on riding it! This thing looks and feels HUGE! Please give me some pointers:D

have you even tried riding it yet?
I´d say just climb up there and give it a go. Free mounts come later.

Try to find a nice level surface to try it on. You don’t want any distracting bumps during your first moments up there. Giraffes feel really weird at first, but they’re not really much harder than regular unicycles.

Thanks for the tips guys. I’ve ridden it a few times in the last few days and it really isn’t that much harder than a regular uni. The hardest part is definitly getting on.

When i first got my 6ft giraffe i used trees and big fances they work good, but now i can ground mount and that makes it a lot easier. :sunglasses: