i just discovered that hopping around is fun

yesterday, i was brave and decided to try hopping onto a 2x8. that was fun. then i tried a 4x8. that was fun. then i tried a 6x6. didn’t quite make it. i then put all the lumber together to make it more interesting. that was funner. i then added pallets. that was funner. today, i’m stacking some 2x2x4 bricks together for added fun. this is great!

i’ve been such a wimp on this kinda stuff–don’t like getting hurt–might be an age thing. sure is fun though. i think i’ll make me one of those trails courses.

No. You’re too old for that.

Yeah, trials is one of the most fun things about unicycling. Glad to hear you’ve tried it!


I like hopping too. I don’t hop onto stuff yet, but a few times i’ve hoped up and down and turned myself around, thats fun for now : )

I don’t think it’s an age thing, i’m 22 and don’t like hurting myself either, must be the hair color, cause i’ve got grey too.


Ps. Or maybe your name is Andrew, if it is you can post on the Andrew thread…

Hopping really takes it out of me. I’m out of shape this winter. Maybe i should hibernate.