I just did my first freemount

I just did my first freemount outside a minute ago.

I managed three freemounts,on my first one managed to go down the road, and on the others I just covered a little bit before I came off.

I am looking forward to the holidays so I can practice more often.

                            Emma :)


Now there’ll be no stopping you!

keep it up, freemounts make everything MUCH more convenient.

That’s so cool Emma!

Yay! Good for you! A little bit more practice and you’ll have them nailed every time.


That’s the start of the change from being “someone who can ride a unicycle” to being “a unicyclist”. Freemounts release you from the tyrrany of the fence or lamp post and open a world of possibilities. Welcome to the “club”.:slight_smile:

We are proud of you Emma

Congradulations Emma, we are proud of our younger rider accomplishments.

Keep up the good work and let us know how you are progressing.

Yes well done I think im in the same place that you are, the first freemount that you do feels good.

Congratz, Emma - I hope to join you doing same within the next few months… good job.

Well done.

Well done! You’re free now. Enjoy it :smiley:

Congratulations on your first freemount :slight_smile: You are never free to ride everywhere until you can freemount :smiley:

I nailed my first freemount on my first attempt. Half of it was luck and the other half having it visualized in my head before I tried. Now that I´ve ridden regularly for half a year I manage to freemount on the first try about 90% of the time. The failure rate quickly climbs when my legs are tired :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations! Getting that first freemount is the most awsome feeling in the world! And I discovered theres more tham one way to freemount a unicycle.I now mount using a stand still mount,roll back back,rolling mount(forward) and jump mount.Once you get that first one going the door opens wide!:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Whoo Hoo!
Good job!

Congramulations Emma, keep up the good work. :smiley:

Also where is Nairn if you don’t mind me asking??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work - jealous, you’re so good already!

Thanks for all your support and encouragement it was really nice.

Danni, Nairn is in the north east of Scotland.


Congratulations. I’m still learning them myself. The first one was a while back. Right now, I’m probably averaging 3 tries per freemount, slowly getting better.

I’ve found a slight down slope helps, flat ground is okay, a slight uphill makes it very difficult for me.

except the fact that you’re a woman. teehee, it’s just a joke everyone don’t get all high and mighty with me.
good work. im half scottish, i’m sure you don’t care.
goodbye. good work

These things are what makes me love being a unicyclist

Congratulations on freemounting!!!

It is a huge step. As others have said, there will be no stopping you now

I remember the feeling of when i first did a freemount and this makes me think back to that