I just coasted 53 metres :D

Just to let you know i brokle my coasting record, its not on 53 metres but ill check when i have tape measure, whoo happiness


There’s nothing quite like doing a super-long coast.:smiley: My problem is I have a hard time finding good long level places to try them. Congratulations!

Do you coast foot in or leg extended for your distance attempts? I always do best leg extended.

Foot in seems to be the more common method for people in coasting competitions, though people use both methods. I prefer foot in for going straight, and foot out for circles. With both feet locked onto the frame I feel a little more solid.

at naucc 05 in ohio i saw ryan woessner coast leg extended about 100 meters+ (or around that, he got all the way to end of the straightaway if im remembering right).

I think coasting in might be easier for distance because its more stable but coasting out is easier to transistion out of, at least for me, because you just drop your foot back down. I like foot out better overall too.