I just caught a F$*@ THIEF!!

I almost had the bastard! I rode down the block then decided to raise my seat a bit. I turned around, laid it on my lawn… went inside for my allen keys. It wasn’t where I thought, so I decided I had better get my uni before something happened to it. I stepped outside to see some punk ass kid running around the corner with it. I almost yelled, but didn’t want to startle him. I started to run after him but realized I had my car keys in my hand. I hopped in my car and tore after him. I found my ike ditched a block away. The little punk heard me coming! DAMN! I am grateful I stepped outside when I did or 2 seconds later I would have absolutely no idea where he went. I yelled for the little punk to come out… of course he didn’t. I hate thieves and would have gladly bitch slapped him till the cops showed. The worst part is that I live in a gated community. My uni was out of sight for 45 seconds… MAYBE a minute.

I found him!! He was at one of the houses I had knocked on. I had spoken to his father and he had denied his son having just come home. Anyway I decided to roll around the block one more time and there he was! Standing outside with his father. His father said they were on their way to my house. He apologized profusely and said that he had a problem with cleptomania and he had not stolen anything in a long time. He asked if he could make it up to me by mowing my lawn or washing my car. WOW. I am glad I caught him and did not have to get the police involved. He looks like a good kid.

I can’t really form an opinion, since I don’t know what it is like to have Kleptomania . But I am glad you got your uni back! That would suck to have just started riding again and then have your uni stolen!

Glad you caught him and got your uni back. I hate thieves. He’s not a good kid. Don’t let him anywhere near your house.

Rotten kid.

I’m not sure I thought I would ever say this, but, I am with deadbeatpope. Don’t let the kid anywhere near your house. His father lied to you initially trying to cover for the kid. He knew the kid had a problem (how could he not) and his first instinct was to tell you you were wrong.

Bad kid. Let him test his trustworthiness out on someone else.

The father apologized for “lying” to me. He said he thought his son had been home for a while. When I pulled up and saw him there he did not bolt. I believe they were coming to look for me as the father said. As for not trusting the kid… I am not planning to. As a youngster I was no angel and did some things I am not proud of… but I learned from my mistakes. For this kid to apologize the way he did shows character and I believe there may be hope for him yet.

I keep a close eye on my loved one’s ( and that includes my uni ). well done for not losing one of yours:). I’m with you on this one UNO . . . If the father AND son faced up to it, then thats a good sign. Establishing relationships can often be the best way forward in such situations. I had nightmare neighbours, the whole local community was up in arms about them. Took a year of being friendly, firm and a little bit of educating them in the art of community cohesion and neighbourhood responsibility. That said, keep an eye on the kid:).

Why would he steal a unicycle if he couldn’t ride?

I would be bold enough to bet that 99% of uni thefts are by people who can’t ride. They steal them because they’re different.

No, they steal them to sell for cash.

yeah people usually steal things just to sell them. A few weeks ago my backpack was stolen from a chalet at a ski resort while i was out snowboarding! :angry: It was an $80 backpack too. I often have my camera and my ipod in my backpack, but luckily i didnt when it was stolen.

Well most resorts now have become so popular, that you can pretty much expect that this will happen.

There are still some places, there’s a mountain about 8 hours from where I am, that you can still claim a table and leave your stuff on it without having to worry that it will be stolen. But there is still the off chance. With more people comes more anonymity and less chance of being caught, also with more people that means there are more untrustworthy people around.

And I still think the percentage of thefts for $ profit is probably much less than impulse theft, theft because it’s interesting and they want it for themselves.

We have sidetracked from the topic a bit though.

reading this brought up this question of mine…
A few monthes ago my bmx bike was stolen…i rode to the beach and someone stole it while I was in the water…idk how it was done but say I saw him biking away on it and could catch up to him…could I just shove him off the bike and smash him to the ground and take my bike and run??..or would that be assault?

in texas you can shoot him… legally though a good lawyer would say that you used “excessive force” if you did more than simply try to snatch your bike back. most bike thieves don’t have good lawyers, so personally i would go with the odds and beat his ass. personally i am thankful that i did not catch up to him in the heat of the moment… more thankful i drive a fast car.

I had my $2000 bike stolen last fall, and to this day I have excellent dreams in which I see the guy riding it around, rip him off my bike, beat him senseless, then ride off into the sunset.

Unfortunately, if I do see mybike floating around, it will likely be beneath some person that bought it, so violence may not be justified to the extent I would love to take it. Regardless, that kid will have a bald patch because grabbing him by the hair and ripping him off my bike is a small price to pay for raping my love for half a year.

I’m glad your story had a romantic ending, most stories of this sort don’t end well

This reminds me of “Gran Torino”
If the kid’s apology seemed sincere I would give him another chance.

I had a unicycle go missing at a music festival last summer, got it back a few weeks later, it was just a misunderstanding. (someone thinking it was someone else’s who already left, and it was sitting abandoned in the main-stage area overnight)

very true. thank you.

I think UNO did well!

since I am a punk - even so I am 47years and do not always look like one - I like to add that beeing punk is somthing like a “society revolutionist” but not a thief.
nevertheless I had some trouble with privat property while beeing young.
only one example:
I had a lot of trouble with my father, while “stealing” flowers from a public park for my mother, while my father, -a lawyer - cuts roses from the sideway hanging over the fences from privat gardens, cause this is legal (in germany).

when I was young (and even today) it was hard to understand the difference between legal “stealing” by adults, politicans, and “people who have right because they are tricky, have the best lawyers and most cash” and “illegal stealing” because you are poor, young, without lawyer and without cash.
children find examples for that every day in their surrounding and in TV…and they like to test their limits.

anyway - I hate the guy(s) who steal my 26" Koxx montser from my yacht three years ago :angry:

Here in the states (and possibly elsewhere) the term punk is used in 2 different ways.
1: To talk about people who are into punk culture
2: To describe someone in a negative way. For instance, someone who is a brat, like “Oh that kid is such a little punk”

But the two are not related to each other in this instance. Although I think that is where the term came from in the first place?

i fell asleep in a hotel room in september after a ufc in vegas. long story short the prostitue i was with stole my entire life savings of 6k. im still hurting from it but mentally im over it. ive stolen a lot from work when i was younger so i kind of looked at as karma.