i jumped 5 stairs yesterday

kinda…there wasnt enuf room to do a rolling hop over it so i just hopped over it pretty much,

Does that count?

i dont think it does but just checking cus i probally wuldnt have been able do it in if i was doing a rolling hop

I presume it still counts, because you still jumped, just differently. You could try and find somewhere you can rolling hop a 5 set

I jumped up 5 stairs the other day.

There is a brag thread, go there for you brag needs.

well i thought about it but i didnt wanna brag if it doesnt count :smiley:

EDIT: and i wasnt tying to brag, sorry if it sounded that way

up a 5 stair or down o0
sorry my english is really bad!


It counts as a sidehop down a 5 set but not as jumping a five set. But still good job.

Did you do a 90 degree forward twist and roll out? If not, you should try that it makes it a lot easier on you and your uni.

It’s alot easier to land a jump like that if you twist and roll out instead of just landing at the bottom. If you haven’t done so, try it out. You’ll be able to drop higher and higher things if you do roll out of them like this

Exactly. I can usually get more distance if I start out side hop oriented, but then twist 90 for the roll out.

I’m so dumb that I don’t even know what a rolling hop is. What is it? Is it where you do a crank grab and roll the crank and jump (but i think thats a crank-roll).

If you learn to rolling hop properly you will probably be able to jump down 6 or 7 sets.

It’s a hop, done rolling. A static hop is a hop, done static. And no that’s not a crank roll.

I made a little unitorial about rolling hops. This should explain it. :slight_smile:

terry taught me to drop staircases:D


5 is the most I’ve done too, and have done it many times. Nice work! :slight_smile:

you guys are rediculous, it is MUCH harder to sidehop down stairs than it is to rolling hop down them.

it definitely counts, and danni, thats funny because i did it yesterday.

its always good to be excited about achievements, don’t let anyone get you down.

I’ve only side hopped down 5, but i just gotta feel a little more comfortable until I’ll try a rolling hop down em.


All I said was that Terry taught me to gap stairs:)

There aren’t really any suitable stairs to rolling hop around here though, so I have to sidehop them, and may be prejudiced because of that, but I agree when you say sidehopping counts

Haha I was only saying that if you are going to static hop down a set, it helps (at least me) to do it side to front so you can roll out. But yes, of course rolling hop is best. For a small set, like just 5 or 6, clearing it static is pretty easy.