i hopped up my first set of steps today

i hopped up and down a 6 set a 5 set and a 4 set. i got the 6 set on video. lol but not good quality. ill put it up later

You hopped up them in one jump, or a stair or two at a time?

Either way, good job, your improving nicely. :smiley:

i hopped up a step at a time. lol, thanks.

heres the link, should work hopefully


sorry about the quality it was filmed on my phone

Try to not hop as much. One jump for each stair can be your goal. =p

Stairs are really great excercises and warm-ups.

Hop up one, hop up another one, down one, up one, up one, down on, ect.
Up two, down one, up two, done one.

Theres a lot of combinations you can use.

Keep it going.

okay thanks, ill try to hop less.

Yeah one hop for each made me feel uncomfterble at first but now I find it easyer :smiley:

Now try and side hop down the stairs! (practice on the flat first;))

best ive ever done is 12…isnt the record of most steps, like… up all of the steps in the statue of liberty? or somthing like that?

when ure just starting its fine to hop around lots, just learn how to do stuff first then work on style:D

the world record is 676 or something close to that keep working i started going up stairs a week or 2 ago and now i can go up 7 sets maybe more with only one hop on each stair

Yoggie just did the eiffel tower.

ya yoggi did something like 676 steps look on koxx one website

ya i can hop down the steps sideways

if u look at the union dvd they beat yoggies record i think its ~700 stairs up this big tower…

anyways good work, try hoping two at a time now :smiley: