I haven't been on the forums in a while: Care to update me?

Hey everyone,

I haven’t been posting here lately, and I have only lurked a few times in the last few months.

Can someone update me about what kinds of things have been happening in the unicycling world lately?

Highest hop? Biggest unispin? New mind-blowing tricks? Videos from new top riders?

Happy riding!

just watch max’s video. it went viral a few weeks ago and features a maxwhip. what is a max whip? watch this: http://www.todaysbigthing.com/sports/2010/10/29

Pau is a beast…


I don’t think somebody has done some really big tricks or hops lately, but you may want to watch elias his new street vid (its amazing :wink: ) just go to the unicycle video’s ^^
Adrien almost landed maxwhip (with a prehop) at CFM… ^^
and I landed no-handed 360 xD if that is a nice trick.

Awesome, thanks guys.