I have the new Norco/KH 24 MUNI!

I picked up my new Norco/Kris Holm muni today.

It is the first, and apparently last, one sold in Canada, which is disappointing, as several of my friends had wanted to get one as well. I had left a deposit with a Norco dealer in Montreal last spring, and he was able to snaffle just one, even though the entire production run is slated to go to the States.

It has an orange chromoly frame, Velo seat (too soon to tell, but first impression is good!), Magura brake mount (but no brake), DX32 downhill rim from Alexrims, Duro Leopard 3 inch tire, 170 mm cranks. I’m not sure which hub this is; there’s no identifying marks that I can see. It weighs 16.5 lbs. according to my digital scale.

So far, I’ve only been able to ride it around the parking lot; as soon as I finish work this evening, I’ll get some time to check it out, but I’ll have to wait for the weekend to really have some fun!

So are they out then? Even in the USA? I want it. Now… My birthday is in two days. And I can’t wait. :D:D:D:D:D:D

I don’t know if they are available in the US - I bought mine in Montreal.

I understand that from now on, they are sold only through unicycle.com

I still want it. :frowning:

How much?

pics might be nice. very nice.

It looks pretty much like the new photo on Kris’s website <www.krisholm.com> under “My Ride”, the one on the left. Only in real life the orange is a deeper, slightly metallic tone.

As for price: I got a deal through a friendly local bike store, and paid $400 Canadian dollars, so about $29.95 US. :slight_smile:

We need pictures, especially of the hub and cranks and saddle.

Does it say Norco on it or just Kris Holm?

I hope the Norco distribution gets cleared up. I would hope that they would be available through the Norco dealers in Canada.

My guess is that they will be branded KH here in the US rather than Norco so unicycle.com will be able to sell them online (I don’t believe Norco allows their stuff to be sold online or through catalogs). The Norco branded stuff would be sold through Norco dealers in Canada and the few Norco dealers in the US. The KH branded stuff would be sold through unicycle.com. This is just my guess on how it’s going to work out, I don’t know anything more than the rest of us.

It doesn’t say Norco anywhere - just Kris’ signature decal on each side, and also stitched on the rear of the saddle.

My bike store (an old friend and longtime Norco dealer) was pretty definite that he wouldn’t be able to get any more. I think he talked Norco out of one of the samples they were planning to keep for themselves. He understood that the first production run yielded around 95+ unis, all shipped to the US, to, I am assuming, unicycle.com.

I can take all the photos you want as soon as I get home tonight (I’m still at the office, “working” :slight_smile:

Only $29.95… I’ll buy it from you for $50.00 USD and you’ll make a profit on it. :wink:

Hmmm. I dunno. After the bank service charges, I’d just about break even!

[B]if you know your way with a wrench could you be nice enough to take one of the crank arms off when your taking photo’s tonite.everyone is wondering what the spline looks like.

i would also like to to see a pic of your hand griping the new style handle.get someone to photo you sitting on the thing too if ya can.

dont mean to be so damanding but im so thristy[/B] :slight_smile:

… doesn’t 16.5 lbs seem a little heavy? Maybe it doesn’t matter when it comes to the price.

Re: I have the new Norco/KH 24 MUNI!

Norco,Canadian?Kris Holm,Canadian??
Not available in Canada???

I want the sticker.

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> … doesn’t 16.5 lbs seem a little heavy? Maybe it doesn’t matter when
> it comes to the price.
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I just want the unicycle, my birthday is in two days.

Are there/will there be replacement cranks for this new hub? I know replacement might not be such an issue, but it would be nice to be able to easily switch to different size cranks.

I don’t know about replacement cranks. And I suspect that nobody at Norco knows, either!

Your best bet would be to contact unicycle.com, or hope that Kris reads this post, as he seems to be the only reliable source of information about the uni.

How is that Duro Leopard tire holding up? My tire (Stout 24") is about dead and I’m looking for a new type to try. Any input?

Well, it’s only been ridden on for a couple of weeks, so it looks pretty much brand new.

The trail that runs between our houses (about 3km of dirt and clay with roots - no rocks) has been softened by rain, so the knobby tread pattern works well for that, as well as the gravel road, grassy fields, etc. Not sure how useful it would be on hardpack. It gives a good massage on the paved driveway! :slight_smile:

So far, mishaps while hopping have been mainly on wooden steps and rails, so no opportunity for cuts and sidewall bruising from rocks. But it is a downhill tire, and it looks truly heavy duty. Most of the weight of the uni is in the tire…

Thanx for the info.:slight_smile: