i have some gallery space

haha… yeah i know, who cares.

anyways something to justify my new thread creation. its not great but thats the internet for ya.

street video

You lie!:smiley:

It’s pretty great actually, impressive stuff, good video. It does however, require a warning, if you are a kid, or your watching this with kids, turn the sound off, seriously.

those crank flip and unispin were really good

Thats one of the best street vids I’ve seen for a while, those were some smooth 180 unispin-crankflips, and nice grinding work too.


dude that was great to me. i had to watch it back a few times when you jumped off the ledge at the park, did like a crankflip 360 unispin like it was nothing.

This video was a sheer pleasure to watch, great crankflips and cool grinds. The music seemed a little angsty though :stuck_out_tongue:

That was so cool:D

I might be wrong but i think that that was just a 360 unispin, i slowed it down and the cranks dont look like they are moving. Its still awesome though.

that was pretty sweet, man…except the music sucked, in my not so humble opinion. but still, flippin AWESOME riding skills!

that was awesome

i could put some sunshine, rainbows and lollipop music to it if you really dont like the deftones. but i probably wont, because i am a rebellious teen, and thats what we do. plus deftones are f**king ace

nah, it wasnt a seatin 360unispin crankflip. i was just putting tricks down that i can land as smoothly as possible. not many. but hey practice.

but thanks guys. glad you like it.


It’s really cool that you can grind on both sides and do both forward and reverse crankflips. I could never do that.

I liked the varial crankflip. (I think that’s what it’s called?)


I and I loved the music- there needs to be more songs with “offensive” words yelled over and over again.
anyone ever heard of Wesley Willis?

I dont think Mrs.Gore would like it though…

haha wesley willis sucks. most of his songs are exactly the same but with slightly different lyrics, and i think he’s a genuine retard. nice vid btw.

…or AWESOME flippin’ and riding skills!

Looks smooth and effortless. Makes me wanna leave work early to hit the skatepark :slight_smile: