I have mastered 1-footed!

I finally mastered 1-footed riding! I can go and go and go, and when I am finished I just plop my foot back on the pedal and keep going. Because I’m short (only 4’ 6") I have found that the easiest thing to do is rest my shin on my…um…well…that thingie that splits the post into the two directions (who cares about vocabulary!)

Go get it, Tylercox. Now move on to wheel-walking, and keep us updated.

Congrats and good luck.


Very nice. Make sure you can ride one footed with both legs (which I’m still working on).


The fork?

Re: I have mastered 1-footed!

Methinks you should raise the seatpost. It should be in proportion to your body the same as any other person with any other unicycle.