I have a problem

Hello everyone. I am a new member of unicyclists world. I bought a unicycle 2 days ago and I started to training it. When I sit on unicycle’s seat and try to riding my balls often hurt. How do I avoid this problem?

Surgery. :frowning:

Or more practice. You learn to gently place your buns on the seat and get the squishy bits out of the way.

Not all seats are created equal. You may want to consider a different seat. What kind are you using?

Good luck.


You might try an athletic support (jock) and or some bike shorts.

You have to learn “the scoop.”

Mount the unicycle in such a way that you pull the seat gently forwards as you gently lower your weight onto it. This will pull your balls into a more comfortable position.

A uni seat is no more or less likely to hurt your balls than sitting astride a fence or gate. It’s all about positioning.

I’ve had balls all my life and I really don’t find them half as much trouble as some of the people who post in here.

Although there was one warm day when I was riding in a kilt and they dangled into the spokes. I didn’t notice at first because they were already numb from a long ride, and it was the sound that alerted me - I thought someone was following me and playing a harpsichord.

Do this…

Then pull seat up to riding position, and mount.

I wear boxer briefs when I ride to help keep my boys from moving around.
Over time is gets better, so don’t fret.
Also, you might be able to adjust your seat and find a better position.

There are two recommended methods to prevent this problem -

  1. Use a plastic cable tie to pull everything together out of the way.

  2. Wrap them in ice cubes prior to each ride. This will cause them to shink out of the way naturally.


Best advice yet.
Only better idea is to have a sticky at the beginning of the forum entitled “nuts-testicle questions” . . . .to keep all this wisdom up front where the newbies with aching nuts can find it super easily.

thanks for your all answers and recommends. My unicycle is a Geotech BG12SPUNI01 and its seat does not have like your uni seat. I will buy a different one and try to find more comfortable sitting position.