i have a important question!!!!!

this year i am planning on going to my first trials compition i would like it to be in the spring or summer could anyone tell me were and when some unicycle trials compitions are???


I recommend the Latin American Unicycle Competition and Convention.

I recommend a better thread title.

If you would like to attend something close to home then it might help if you let us know where you live.

No! That would be too easy!

if your anywhere near cali. there is a competition in 2 weeks in fontana. there is also keyesville which will be a much bigger comp. thats on march 20th i believe. those are both bike trials competitions but they allow us to compete with the bikers or if we have enough guys we sometimes have our own class. there are different rules for bike trials but if your interested i can help you out with it. if your looking for uni comps the next closest planned event might not be till naucc.

sorry about no info but i live in conneticut and the farthist i wold go is canada for a compition so is there any ones comming un anywere me?:slight_smile:

There’s gonna be a competition this summer in Montreal. There are probably some other not as far away but you could come to Montreal. It’ll be anounced on the forums this summer:)

Save money and go to Naucc in San Francisco in July.It will be the best trials comp probably.Me,Max Schulze,Joe Hodges and Joe Campbell will be there :sunglasses:

Competetion in montreal?

Any chance you know the date? Got an OK from the boss, we could take the train from Joisey if it’s on the weekend. Plus this may be enough time for me to learn how to ride.:o

Not yet sorry. It’s not even planned yet.


That’s going to be awesome.