i hate when

I really hate it when you tell your friends they should get a unicycle…or get into unicycling, and they are so quick to say “oh no, no i would kill myself”

or “I am very clumsy.” or “I am not as good at balancing than you.”

Don’t they get it? That’s why you LEARN to unicycle.


it isnt really about balance. its a mental thing

I hate it when people demoralise you because you can unicycle. I’ve been through it many times. :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

balance IS a mental thing.

I always wonder when people ask “do you need good balance to learn to ride that?” surely balance is what you learn when you learn to unicycle?

I hate when people say “hey, where’s the other wheel” so annoying.

I’ll just tell them “it was a buy 1, get one free sale” and just ride off. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah there ignorant assho!es! :angry:

i dont get it :thinking: that means you get two unis or one bike?

I hate it that people never ask me that…I’ve got so many good answers:D

And that everyone asks, where the brake is :thinking:

thats weird, ive never had that one

get cooler friends

It confuses them, that’s why you say it. You should try it someday and see the looks on their faces. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

one of my friends did that once, saying “you have no life you just ride your little unicycle”. I was quick to point out he spends most of his time in the basment playing video games. he shut up after that;)

The other day, someone yelled at me out of his car. He either said “Get a bike!” or “Get a life!”

i hate it when people say their a better skier than me and there not

haha, a guy asked me ““wheres the other wheel”” and i said real men dont need more than one…and he got in his car and drove off…:smiley:

wow…hes the one who should get a life and get his fat @$$ out of his car

omg yea same but my friend says go get butt f_c_ed on your uni
gaaahhhhhh i mean ppl are so mean comeon its just like skating or bmx geeez