I hate to say it but...

My friend’s uni is up for sale. I would buy it myself but recently left my
job and can not afford yet another uni. It is a Miyata (sigh) 24" standard;
for those of you whjo don’t know what that all means it has a steel 28
spoke rim, cotterless steel cranks, nice bumpered seat, blue steel tube
frame, and i guess that’s the basics. If you want any more info i’ll be
glad to tell you but i figured most people do not care about the fork crown
or bearing mounts or any of that jazz. Oh yeah, it is a newstyle :stuck_out_tongue: Here’s
the deal. you make an offer and i’ll relay it to him. He’ll decide and i’ll
get back to you via e-mail. It is a nice uni, hardly used, it, in fact,
still has the original whitewall it came with. It’s a damn fine cycle
though, and i’d almost buy it for the seat alone since they’re so rare (in
the condition it’s in) and expensive. Oh well, like i said, i’d buy it
myself but cant. Make him an offer and you might just have a new (or close
to it) miyata standard.


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