I hate richardson bike mart....

well i bought a luna trials tire and a dx alex rim. well i gave my hub and wheel to RBM and let them fix it. i get home all pupped about my new uni being “rideable” and then when i try to put the luna tire on it doesnt fit!?!?!?! Now does anyone know what the problem is? i think they gave me the wrong spokes and streched out my rim, that really pisses me off! now does any1 else have the same problem?

Hmm, is the tire going on, but just being extremly hard, like it can never get it on?

If you can get it on the rim, but not fully get the whole thing on, then grab some waop water with some dish soap on it, mix the soap in the water with your fingers a little jsut to mix the soap.

Use this mixture around the edges of the tire, and the spot on the rim your gonna slide the last part over. This lube will make it easier to fit the tire on, just gotta push. =p

Im pretty sure that thats just the alex rim. My brother has a dx with the luna and it was impossibly hard to get it on. we broke a few forks doing it. Im dreading the day he ever gets a flat tire or needs to replace it.

Yeah my brothers was a pain to get on but we did it eventually. My rim which is a try-all was extremely easy. I just did it with my bare hands. Get someone to help you do it and maybe some metal forks to help it along.

  1. a rim can not possibly get bigger by being laced up and tensioned.

  2. did you buy the 20" version of the alex dx-32?

  3. You proly have just never put a tire on and didnt know how hard it can be.

That alex DX pretty much looks like this |___|
It is just a flat profile, so its makes it very hard to get a trials tire on or off. Get some Tire irons, metal or plastic ones. I use 3 cheap-o plastic ones that work great, and just work on it.

I have wrote a basic little guide to help with those tricky trials tires too.