I hate pedals.

Did you read any of the post?

Do the people who said anything like that: Thanks for the effort in replying, but I’m afraid you are all idiots.

To the people who actually took the time to read, thank you.

I’m still gonna get the JCs though…I’m one of those people who cares absolutely nothing about weight. If I was riding a lead unicycle, I might worry. But I don’t think the extra half pound from the pedals will affect me…mind over matter, and all that.

i have heard good things about the jim c’s and riden with them and they work well. I ride with Primo Tenderizers on my trials and they have good grip and i have done some hardcore pedal grabs and the held up great.

I’m going to place a late vote for the Shinburgers as well. I’ve shattered some pedals, but these have taken more abuse than I thought possible. They’ve clipped tar multiple times at speeds faster than I can run, and bashed over enough rock to start a quarry. They’ve clocked hundreds of hard miles. The middle pins still hold my feet just fine, without any extra sharpening work.

They’re not quite as tight at the bearings as the used to be, but I actually think that I could fix them with an allen wrench and two minutes of time. But I’m lazy.

Anyway, it’s always good to remember that in general, you get what you pay for.

Edit: Oops, it wasn’t initially clear to me if you were talking about muni or trials, and I assumed muni. These pedals aren’t so good for trials.

The Zu-Zu’s are great Coker pedals. They’re what I’ve been using on my Coker for several years. I think they’re one of the best pedal choices for a Coker. But they’re not good for muni use, and especially trials use. The front and rear tie-bars on the pedal body will break if subjected to enough muni or trials abuse. Abuse like pedal strikes on rocks from normal muni riding will eventually break them.