I hate pedals.

Yesterday, I was waiting for Matt to get to the place we were riding, and I decided to warm up by jumping up and off a ledge a few times. Well, on the second jump on, I messed up, the uni fell, and landed on the pedal.

The pedal shattered…half of the pedal just broke off, and is now in 4 different pieces… :angry: :angry:

My question is: Should I just get another set of DX pedals? Or are there pedals that are significantly better, and worth the price?

I know a lot of people like jimmy c’s and snafu’s but I haven’t tried either one. i have never had any pinned pedals but when my dx arrives they will be my first pinned pedals. I have thought about getting the primo tenderizer pedals because they look good and I have always liked them.

Yes there are better and stronger pedals.
If you’re doing trials or street then try the Odyssey Jim Cielencki pedals.
If you’re doing muni you’ll want pedals with more grip than the Jim Cielencki pedals. My suggestions for muni pedals would be pedals like the Atomlab Aircorps, but they’re also about $100. I stopped using cheap pedals for muni a long time ago.

The DX (wellgo?) pedals are crap. I can’t say it any other way. They’re just crap.

Snafus are okay but they aren’t quite as beefy as the JCs. If you’re doing pedal grabs you will break your Snafus sooner than later.

If you don’t like the pin height of the JCs they’re easily available at your corner hardware store in many different lengths. Problem solved.

The way I see it, the JCs are the be-all, end-all of metal pedals. They aren’t for freestylers, but if you’re riding anywhere outside the gym, you should be riding JCs.


Alright, y’all have convinced me…not that much more money for better pedals…I’ll get the JCs.

Thanks y’all

good pick

eh, the jimmy c’s aren’t that great. they’re pretty heavy, and are designed for bmx so you don’t feel like you’re clipped in and so you can get your feet off them to do no footed tricks. snafu’s (i think) are better but not quite as sturdy for street. there are grippier pedals, and a few tougher, but probably none tougher at that price, plenty grippier though. snafu, kona, and a few others are one’s i’ve tried that are grippier than jimmy c’s.

i have sugested thease in many threads and i still think there the best for the money way better than jcs

primo balance

Depends on what you like in a pedal. The Primo Balance pedals don’t have the offset parallelogram design that the Odyssey JCs have. The offset parallelogram design makes it so the pedal will automatically flip to be flat under your foot no matter how you step on it. The box pedals, like the Primo Balance can end up vertical under your foot if you step on the wrong. Some people like the offset parallelogram design and others don’t. It also depends on the type of riding you do. Just realize there are differences in general pedal designs and that there are different shapes for different folks.

I love the offset parallelogram style pedals. I never have to line up the stupid things. I would hate having to do that. I also think that the parallelogram design ones would grind better because since they are on the angle at the front they will be less likely to get stuck on something. Am I right?

Also these pedals are very rough and they have non removable pins, This is great if you don’t mind building and putting a grind plate on but some riders prefer a flat smooth pedal with removable pins so that they can slide directly on the pedal.

We’ve found that for Muni, Shinburgers are excellent. Wide platform gives great support on drops and 20+ fixed teeth on each pedal yields great traction for bumpy rolling. Drawbacks are weight and price. But I defy you to wear them out.



Here’s my stupid response:

I read the thread title and thought: Fine, if you hate pedals, don’t use them. No one’s making you. Just take them off and you can either ride on your cranks or wheel walk everywhere then hop on your tire.

Problem solved.

that would be extremely tiring and extremely dicky to to everything without pedals!

but yea, if you hate pedals that much, dont use them!

Freestyle - who knows, some rubber or plastic pedals
Street - JC’s, best all-round: grinding, flipping, spinning, grabbing, etc. The give good grip, but don’t stab you in the legs!
Trials - I’m not sure. Snafus or JCs would be fine.
Muni - Snafus, probably, since they’re plenty grippy and still pretty cheap.
Distance - I’m happy with the Snafus, since i want grip, but there may be lighter pedals out there if you’re crazy about that sort of thing.

cheap, sealed bearings, strong, removable pins, grippy…everything you would want in a pedal…


The lightbulb goes on. Thanks, being the original owner of an ancient Schwinn and recently getting back into the sport, I couldn’t figure out why they did that on some pedals!


Hmm… those look just like the DX pedals with a few more pins. The edges of that pedal look mighty thin and I’d venture to say they’d break after any number of pedal grabs.

dont talk if you dont know what your talking about. they are removable

those look good

i got a idea if you hate them so bad make a unicycle with no pedals