i hate 22.2

unicycle makers need to give up the retarded practice of making posts and seat tubes in 22.2…the size of 22.2 is just plain garbage…

some makers are realizing this,bless you! others are still pumping out this blasphemous diameter,WAKE-UP!

Right, 22.2 is just too small. The black Torkers use 25.4mm which is one inch, don’t they?? Both of my GB4 frames use one inch seat posts and it’s an improvement over 22.2. Still, 27.2 is the most common in the bicycle world.


yep…i hope others follow suite

Speaking of Torker; Unicycle.com now has the new Torkers on their site, to start shipping December 8. That 20 inch looks really nice. I would have got one, but I’m building up a GB4 freestyle this week. I thought my frame would be here todday, but the “Brown Santa” never showed up, so I guess I’ll have to wait until Monday :angry:


the brown Santa must be paid for 3-day Select on everything otherwise he gets constipated and never drops the load for eight days to ten days.

Re: i hate 22.2

I too hate 22.2. I COULD NOT keep the seat from twisting on my original SEM XL with it’s stinkin’ 22.2 seat post. That is mainly what inspired me to build my first frame with a 27.2mm seat post.

There’s three reasons to ditch 22.2 in favor of 27.2:

  1. The larger diameter is stronger and stiffer.

  2. A larger seat post diameter will resist twisting because of the mechanical advantage it has over a smaller one. If the same twisting force was applied to a pencil and a full can of Guinness beer, which one would be easier to hold on to and keep from twisting in your hand?

  3. High quality 27.2mm aluminum seat posts are inexpensive because that’s what most bikes use. It’s an “economy of scale” thing … or some economics term like that. It means that the more of something that’s made, the less expensive it becomes.

  4. (I know I started out with three reasons but I just thought of this one) … Using a bike seat post means you must use a rail adapter. That’s really good because then you can adjust the angle of the seat to make it SO much more comfortable!

Steve Howard

Usually, when George sends me stuff, I get it next day just because we’re only a couple hours away. I guess UPS just got busy with the holidays. It’s not a big deal, I was just excited to play with it.

My unicycle.com and Aebike.com orders are taking over a week, but they didn’t get shipped for a couple days. That’s the bad thing about upgrading to 3-day select. It’s pointless if they take a few days to ship it. Although, I do normally upgrade my shipping a little, because I figure it’s just less time on the truck for UPS to try and destroy my stuff.

Joke of the Day… How do you destroy an anvil???

…Ship it UPS

I told this to the UPS lady when my Coker arrived with the crank arms sticking out of the side of the box and she wasn’t amused.

And just to keep it on-topic; 22.2 seat posts suck.


In light of this thread, I recently posted the picture of my bent 22.2 seatpost. Hatred.

I love that line. I love to see the “Brown Santa” too, it brings good toys for big boys. :smiley: --chirokid–

Strange, I’ve never damaged a seat post :thinking: (I only have 22.2). Mabey it’s cuz on my trials uni, which gets all the heavy abuse, it only sticks out of the seat tube about 2.5". I’m also kinda light, and I can only hop about 24", so I’m not really good enough to do too many stresses on it.