I had a great ride today

Recently due to various things I have been riding my onza muni a lot and haven’t used the 29er. I was thinking how ‘fun’ the onza was (if extremely tiring to ride MUni).

Today was a lovely day and I have been eating too much party food over the weekend so needed a good bit of exercise. Decided to take the 29er up the Old Railway. This is a track about 2 people wide. The beginning is tarmac but the rest is either gravel and stones or sort of stones cemented in. Is this off road or a trail? Or just a foot path? I’m not sure.

I have avoided riding the Old Railway after doing it a couple of times (when I was even more pants at freemounting than I am now) and having much trouble getting on as there were no handy trees/walls/street lights.

It was a great ride. About 6 miles, which took me about an hour and a quarter. It was lovely. All the people I met were friendly (and so was I, after catching myself scowling at someone yesterday when I thought he was going to make a comment but he didn’t. Oops).

I’m in love with the 29er again. It’s just so lovely to ride. Like flying. I was disappointed when I came to the end of the track and was back at the car again.

When I’m a bit better at riding my bit of baby muni on the onza I’m going to try it on the 29.

Just thought I’d let you all know.


6 miles is pretty good, I don’t think my butt is tough enough to go that far just yet!:smiley: I think 2 miles is the farthest I’ve rode to date.

Way to go cathwood.
I have been inside for about 4 days so no unicycling for me, then my 24" got a flat and I don’t have a patch kit (yet). Hopefully I can get out tomorrow.
Looking forward to owning/riding a 29" and then *my 36"! :wink:

Being able to ride a unicycle for two miles puts you in an elite minority. Don’t knock it.

Cathwood’s 6 miles puts her in an even eliter minority. :0)

Oldfatboy (presumably with all this riding, now just Oldboy?) now daydreaming about a 29 and a Coker… the bug has bitten… buy a bigger garage now. You know it makes sense.:smiley:


Congrat’s on the ride, Cathy. I look forward to having the type of ride that you describe, on my 29. Thanks for the post.

Oldfatboy and Icycle, you would not regret getting a 29er. I was a bit nervous of the big wheel at first but as soon as I got on, I knew it was love at first ride.


Re: I had a great ride today

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>wheeliemaster wrote:
>> I think 2 miles is the farthest I’ve rode to date.
>Being able to ride a unicycle for two miles puts you in an elite
>minority. Don’t knock it.
>Cathwood’s 6 miles puts her in an even eliter minority. :0)
>Oldfatboy (presumably with all this riding, now just Oldboy?) now
>daydreaming about a 29 and a Coker… the bug has bitten… buy a
>bigger garage now. You know it makes sense.:smiley:

It’s great weather for a long ride at the moment - misty fruitfullness,
not too cold, hazy sunshine and all that. On Sunday I drove down to the
local disused railway line / cycle track, and arranged to meet the
missus in Waitrose about five miles away. A lovely ride on the 20",
mostly flat with a few dips on a mix of tarmac, gravel and compacted
stones. Only about six UPDs, half in places which I have problems with,
one when I hit something solid while pushing the pace on some nice
tarmac, and two when I tripped over a leaf. The real thrill though was
managing to freemount in anger after a UPD in the middle of no-where. It
took about thirty goes, but the last one went sweet as a nut and I
sailed away.

All of the passers by were friendly. More nice smiles from lady joggers,
a bloke on a two-wheeler cried “amazing!”, but the effect on tiny kids
is the greatest (apart from the lady joggers that is!). They look so
pleased, surprised and happy to see one. (And so do the kids).

I felt the excellent bacon roll had been well-earned when I arrived at

The past weekend has seen big improvements. I bought a pair of BMX /
skateboard shoes on Friday. They give soooo much better grip on the
pedals, one really feels in contact with the cycle. What’s more, the
sole stiffness makes it matter so much less where ones foot is on the
pedal compared with the knobbly, curvy-soled walking shoes I have been
wearing. That, plus the new padded cycling trousers means that I can try
to freemount without worrying where the feet and 'nads are going to

The freemounting is going well now - I’m hitting about one in four
although there are depressing spells when I just can’t get on for twenty
plus attempts. For me, the secret seems to be to keep looking up. Don’t
look at the pedals, just stare into the distance. Is that a lady jogger
or Spiny Norman coming over the horizon? Who cares, but keep a lookout.
And don’t look at the pedals.


(Did I mention not looking at the pedals?)

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Sounds like it’s going great Martin Phillips. This is a wonderful hobby.


You’re just making me want my 29er to come even sooner, Cathy! I can’t wait to see how far I can go and be in Mikefule’s “elite minority.” Let’s make a bet - I bet I can do 4 miles on my first 29er ride… but I ain’t bettin money!!! :astonished: Mike, can I be a part of your elite minority club if I can do 4 miles first ride?