i grinded a 15 stair hand rail last night!

i grinded a 15 stair hand rail last night!

Sweet, got a vid?

me and my little brother saw the video where he grinded his 15 set on his older brothers phone…
its friggin awesome!!!

was it brent?

Yeah it was brent and here is the clip of him making it and a really nice beef!

and this musta sucked!

doesn’t really surprise me after the 9 at moab.
very nice job, and nice fall to.

That was crazy man. NICE

Haha, when I first read this I thought you meant to say “bent” as in kinked. So I interpreted your sentence as this:

did it have any kinks?

Thats awesome, it looked really good.
Too bad you filmed it with a phone though, it would have been cool if we could see the stairs and stuff;)

That Was Insane!!!

Great grind!

Why didn’t you film all of the fall, though?

noice rail!


Awesome, very smooth.

Whos rail looks bigger, Mike Clarks or Brent Gerretts?

I interpreted it the same way. Nice job!

Mike’s looks bigger, but Brent’s is longer as in time I think…


were there even stairs?

cause i didnt really see any…

Its just horrible quality. you can see the stairs if you look hard enough.