I got the '06 torker

O yeah, its all in all pretty good, the only dirt i have on it is the weight. Its pretty heavy. and also, the paint is so pretty im afraid to crank climb and grind because i dont wanna mess up the paint…

ill post picks tommarrow.

Thanks. Lots of folks are interested in the much-touted 2006 Torker and photos would be very nice. Is this one of the splined hub versions? Details on the cranks would be helpful, too.

Cool! I can’t wait for pics. Like Greg said, is it the DX, LX, or the [gasp] CX??? Bom bom bommm…

I believe I heard Manon1wheel say before that it was an '06 DX. My friend just got a '06 DX also and I really like it. Feels very very solid. They are a little heavier than others, but they are a lot lighter than my 24" Onza I ride trials on, so that shouldn’t be hard to adapt to. I like the frame a lot and it looks real pretty too. Good stuff all in all.

The DX line is the only one that didn’t quite have a niche until now. The frames and rims are adapted to handle trials and muni-sized tires, and, of course, the hubs and cranks are splined. The thing is, now that Torker has put out a comparable Muni and Trials cycle, they’re more expensive than the Qu-Axs. The DX saddle is more expensive than the KH equivalent. Pretty paint aside, Torker had yet to rinse the Cheap-o stigma from their name.

In all fairness, I like their LX unis, and I treasure my 5’ TX. I just wish the Torkers had something unique to offer that would justify the higher price tag.

I just got the '06 Torker 26er LX…nice ride, my biggest gripe is that it comes with 170mm crank arms.
I just ordered some cheapie 150’s and 127’s for some serious speed!
Im gonna try out both sizes and which ever one I like better, Im gonna order some nice ones in that size.
Also Im not a big fan of the T-style forks , I keep hitting my left leg on them.
I hear they are good for resting a foot on them, when I get better Ill have to try that!

my torker…

unicycle 001.jpg

unicycle 002.jpg

unicycle 003.jpg

no wlook at the beast



It looks like your getting good use out of that thing.

I just got my son a 20 inch 06 DX from the guy on eBay, $260 delivered. I agree with the first poster that it does seem very heavy. The seat is great, we went on our weekend nine mile ride and he never once complained about it being uncomfortable like he did with his old unicycle.

I was going to switch out the tire for something a little skinnier and lighter. It was very difficult to remove the original Creepy Crawler tire. And then, it turns out that the rim is an inch smaller than a regular 20 inch rim so a 20x2.1 tire doesn’t fit. Is that normal?

yes. the rim is a mod trials rim. also called a 19 inch by most people. you need to find a 19 inch tire.

Just posting to say that my torker TX is a solid giraffe (or near giraffe, should john foss walk in :))

It has stood up to a lot of hopping and roll-mounting and tweaking and other various nasty forms of abuse. Very happy with the purcase - and it was cheaper than the other alternative the lbs sells and still better. woop.

Im glad to hear the Torker giraffe is sturdy, as I will be purchasing one to modify very soon.

manon1wheel - That is one fine unicycle you have there, hope you enjoy it!

I recently bought the 06 DX24 on ebay and I really like it. It’s a very solid uni. I actually don’t care much for the paint. Yeah, it’s a good quality paint job but it’s too flashy for me. I’ve never been one to want to stand out in a crowd (I really do wish riding a uni didn’t draw so much damned attention). I can’t wait for the paint to get a little beat up. My 04 DX24 came in basic black, which I like, and I immediately stripped off all the stickers and put a few of my own on.

Why change it?
Some higher air pressure would do the trick…

The 19" rims aren’t built for skinny tyres, i think there are none…
They are kind of a special Size, to use a fat tyre without having a bigger outer diameter, so you could use the same frame as usual, on a BMX/mod that is.

verry very nice unicycle…

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