I got press

This in in the correct forum this time, so yay :roll_eyes:

Anywho, I got my 15 minutes of fame, the article can be seen here

Also, I still need donations for my Tour de Cure ride, all money of which goes to diabetes research, if you are willing to help, please click here

More press!

So today I was visited by a reporter and a photographer from the Columbian newspaper. The story they are writing will be in fridays print of the paper. If you live in the Vancouver WA, or Portland OR area, you should check it out, pretty please:)

If they put the article online, I will post a link to it.

Congrats! Have you got any donations from the exposure yet?

Since the aricle was released, I have gone from $100 dollars in donations, to over $300 as of now:D

Here is my article from the columbian, has a nice picture of my coker in it. Please give it a read:)


Nicely done. Great job with the fundraising also