I Got My Unistar!!!


I got my Stealth Torker today!!! For the great low price of $80.

I can’t wait to ride it, unfortunetly I injured my neck in an ultimate frisbee accident on monday and my doc wants me to take it easy for a while. Dang, so close - yet so far.

Well, I’m thankful I was able to get it at all. My LBS called me while I was at the doctor’s and said not only had it come in, but it was 20% off. The same bike shop had a Yuni MUni for a few days, but it was sold by the time I got there. Hopefully the quick sales of these two unis will encourage them to stock more.


Cheaper in Hawaii. Cool. I think I’ll move there since the cost of living just dropped dramatically.

Awesome! I got mine a week or two ago, it’s awesome!

Of course it was only cheap because it was 20% off. And you are always welcome to move to Hawaii. It would be nice to see another unicyclist.



I just noticed that you have the same thing written under your name as I do! That’s funny. :smiley:


Forget moving to Hawaii. Why not Canada? I mean, you’ve got your “free” healthcare, you’ve got Kris Holm, not to mention the fact that Santa lives only a few hours to our north. And then there’s snow. Blessed snow. I love riding in the snow. I bet they don’t have too much snow in Hawaii. Canada is the answer… :wink:

But Hawaii is ok I guess… I mean, if ya can’t get to Canada…

Vive l’Ontario! and maybe Hawaii…

And for the last time, the Canadian government did NOT hire me to promote tourism. I get that at least once a day. Some people, I tell ya.

I think that might have been a bit off topic, just maybe, but oh well.

and with that comes long waiting lists.if you want truly fast “free” heath care,just drive into the US from Canada or Mexico and go to an emegency room,our taxes will be more than happy to pay for your needs.if you deside to stay just remember not to become an official US resident for 2 years so you can aviod the bill compleatly :angry:

No no no, you’ve got it all wrong, yours says “Almost Level Two. : )” mine however says “Almost level two” Very different punctuation, capitalization and smilies. :smiley:

lets not forget that living in a global capitalist society means that you can get things like unicycles at cheap prices, imported from the rest of the world.

although many of us resent it we have to give as well as take from the third world.

or rather to simplify matters that means that if we want cheap mass produced goods then we have to deal with the refugees from the countries we have abused in order to get them.

spoken like a true bleeding heart liberial :roll_eyes: I dont want cheap mass-produced goods,i want my culture back.Refugees are one thing,but a nation swarming with illegal aliens sucking on the Food stamp/Welfare teet is another.

please can we talk about religion next?oh boy!

i could call out names that are the very opposite of “bleeding heart liberal”
but i won’t. lets just leave it there.

Re: I Got My Unistar!!!

right on,those things are a darn good deal.i’d be getting one too if i wasnt already spending money trying to build up my pile of uni-crap into a 26" muni.hope the neck heals soon…

black is the new turquoise aparently.

everything is black nowadays, apart from the orange things, and daren bedfords cool new susue hubs. and the stuff that has never stoped being chrome.

but on the whole i think we can safely say that there are more black unicycles than their used to be.
which obvoiusly means that were being promoted as “cool”
just like the playstation 2 and all that young person stuff.

oh how i pine for the days that they only had miyata seats in turquoise

When I got my muni I had a choice of a black or white rim; I got the white one. That means I must be An Individual. I’m so proud… sniff

(It’s not looking very white right now, though…)

Phil, just me

colors that Miyata seats come in did alot to dictate colors of frames.for instance,the expensive KH pro models were originaly going to be orange but at the time all uni.com had was puke green so they got it changed to black.

black goes with everything.it was the safe choice,but now Miyata doesnt have such a grip on the market cause they jammed the customer and the new KH seats will have a bunch of colors so maybe black will slow in the future.i know i want to paint my uni pink,dont you?

If i ever get an Onza i want a Black Miyata seat. That would be boss. Uni.com should sell them in black! Where does the unistar get them from?

Contrary to doctors orders, I went for a bit of a ride today. I’m loving the fatter tire (It’s fat compared to my old chrome Torker) The miyata seat is a great improvement and the handle is giving me some ideas my doctor won’t like.

The only problems i’m having are as follows:
I don’t like how the seat clamp is. The clamp is not attached to the uni in any way other then pressure. This makes it hard to tighten with out having it spin around. Every time I try to tighten the clamp the seat and seat clamp end up facing the wrong way.

This wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the other problem I’m having. I can’t get the seat to stay straight. I’m not sure why, but the seat won’t stay straight and I can’t seem to tighten the clamp enough to make it stay straight.

The last problem is related to the first two. The nice black seat post is now striped. It seams that wherever the post is clamped, the paint scrapes off. This is made worse by the second problem.

Have any one else found these issues to be problems, or am I the only one? Any one found answers to them or have suggestions?

I know it may seem that I am complaining a lot, but I really do love this uni.

By the way, It’s nice to see this thread get back on topic. For a while there I was afraid this thread was going to be the launching point for some people’s political campaign.

One of the weak points on standard unicycles is the seatpost clamp. It just doesn’t keep the post from twisting no matter how tight it is.

The solution is to use a BMX seatpost clamp. Hopefully a standard BMX seatpost clamp size will fit the stealth Torker. Take your uni with you to the bike shop to make sure that you get a clamp that will fit. The double bolt style clamps hold better, but even a single bolt clamp will work better than the stock unicycle clamp.

You should be able to find a cool black clamp that will look good on the black Torker.

You can check Dans Comp <http://www.danscomp.com/&gt; to get an idea of what type of clamps are available and get an idea for prices before going to the bike shop.

I can’t keep mine straight either, I’m too wimpy to make it any tighter and then still be able to push it back towards the post, maybe my dad can help… I’d like a solution too.

From looking at the picture of the black Torker on unicycle.com it looks like it is using an OK seatpost clamp (well it isn’t the useless piece of bent metal that you usually find on a Tiawanese unicycle). Maybe it’s just a bit oversized and fits very loosly on the frame. If that’s the case maybe a homebrew Coke can shim would snug it up. A seatpost clamp should fit snugly on the frame even when it is not tight.

If you want to keep with the black theme you could go with a Guinness can shim. The advantage to using a Guinness can shim is that you first get to drink the contents.

If a Coke can shim is too thick it is easy to sand them down to make it a bit thinner.

Or there is always Loctite sleeve retainer. :slight_smile: