I got my unicycle

If anybody cares my computer has been broken for the past few months(it’s now working obviously)(sort of…). And in those few months i got my unicycle.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Its a red bedforn 20" trials with cool stickers darren gave me for free(thanks). It has a KH fusion saddle with a red stripe so they match and look awesome. It has a alex something rim with this fat tire(can’t remember)
I think a luna. The cranks and hubs and stuff are just normal chrome things.

It’s pretty sweet.:slight_smile:

i haven’t really been able to use it because the weather sucks in Halifax, it always rains and feet slip of the pedals and i fall and get wet :angry: . In fact Halifax sucks, don’t move here. No one here unicycles, but if you do move here look me up.

Thank you for letting me waste your time,

P.S.- Anything helpful would be nice :sunglasses:

Hey, Kristine unicycles. At least she says she does. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a cool looking uni. I’ll bet you could get some grippy metal pedals for in the rain.

I never thought about the pedals. Who’s Kristine?

Send Kristine (her username too) a PM, yo

and I think I have seen others from Halifax