I got my uni!

I just got my new torker lx (first unicycle) and I am starting to learn to ride it. I have already put in about one and a half hours on it and can swiftly mount from a fence and ride about 8 feet (without support) I will post every time I achive someting on this thread.

If you have any tips for begginners please post them:)


IMO progress is faster if you ride along a railing, fence, or wall, and grabbing on as nessesary, until you can ride the full length. It’s faster than remounting and continuing to ride. Also I think it’s more efficient to learn how to basically ride before learning to freemount (hard to believe there are no objects to use w/ an assisted mount where a learner lives).


OK - I have’nt updated in almost a month so…

I can Ride as long as I want forwards
I can ride a little ways backwards
I can freemount
I can rolling mount
Can I have some help now!

Street skills:
also links for freestyle and trials

click on an underlined skill for a description.

Just a general guidline. Some things are easier for some people than others, for example I can ride a bit seat in front (SIF), seat in back (SIB), and backwards, but I can’t freemount. The type of riding you want to do will also effect what you want to spend your time practicing.

Jump mount - it’s much easier than it looks, and it looks pretty cool.