I got my Summit today!!..and I need a seat clamp

As the message says, I got my Summit from AccordNSX today. Sure looks cool! Didn’t come with a post, seat, or clamp, but that’s not the issue. I’m borrowing a KH seat and post. The frame is already shimmed for it too. I need a clamp though. The clamp I tried was off a KH24 and it is too small. Do I just need to just stretch it to fit or what? I talked to uni.com today and he told me that it was a 30.8mm clamp that I needed. Uni.com also does not carry this size and it is special order from my LBS. Does anyone have any ideas?


Oh, and I will definitely post some pics up when I get it all built.

Call up Darren Bedford and see what he’s got. He probably has a good seatpost clamp that will fit.

Otherwise go to your local bike shop and see what they can order. The double bolt BMX style seatpost clamps generally work well on unicycles. A bike shop that specializes in BMX bikes will probably have the best selection.

After reading the above post I was reminded that I, too, need a new seat clamp for my faithful Summit. Mine is currently still working because I only stripped one of the two bolts but I need to get it replaced.

I have explored all of the normal sources (UDC and Bedford). Though I have a great realitionship with my LBS, these “odd-ball” quests take weeks to get an answer on.

Anybody has a source for a 30.8 seat clamp?



(belt clamp. cover with black electrician’s tape for esthetics)

If you strip out that other screw before finding a source. Not pretty, but what do you want for 50 cents?:wink: